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admin 11-17-2006 12:54 PM

How can I tell/show my cat I love him?
What does your cat like most of all? Spending time with you; special treats; being brushed; exploring the garden on a leash; playing with the flashlight beam...whatever floats your cat’s boat, indulge him from time to time in this favorite pastime. Some cats simply love being in the same room with you without any physical contact while others thrive on cuddles. Every cat is different. And your cat will also show you that he loves you in a unique, endearing way.


muslgrl 11-18-2006 06:19 PM

mine likes to play hard almost the the hunter and the hunted

stormy 11-18-2006 08:27 PM

My 7yr old longhair redhead doesn't say much, sometimes I get a 'chirp'..but she follows me from one area to another..If I go to bed, she will show up next to me in about 5 minutes, if I am on the computer, she will place herself on the closest chair, and if I am REALLY lucky, she will let me brush her (until she tries to bite me). We do the treat thing..she sits by her dish and I pick up the Pounce, shake the can, and say You Want A Treat...she waggles her tail, and sits by her 'treat spot'..right now she is rubbing on probably means her dish is empty...I guess you could call it love, but it works for us ! She's been with me thru many changes, and tragedies...we have an understanding...unspoken.

wendywenpet 11-20-2006 12:31 AM

My cat Egor... loves to be picked up. All I have to say to her is "up, up, up" and she is perched right on my shoulder. She even demands it most of the times. Then she know she will get brushed and lots of kissing. Then when I go to put her down she chases after me and puts her front legs up on my legs meaning she wasn't done with me yet!! She does this with her Daddy too. But she knows that I can hardly refuse her. And if she doesn't get her way.... she will nip at my ankles.

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