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sweettems 02-15-2011 03:57 PM

Not the same?
We just went on a 6-day cruise (we SO needed a vacation!), and now our little Shadow is acting differently. We sent him with my brother (who often stays at our house and Shadow knows him well) to my husband's mother, whom Shadow also knows well. When we visit her we always take Shadow with us, so he is familar with her home and is comfortable there. It is a 5-hour drive, so of course Shadow doesn't like it, but he's always fine. We've never left him alone overnight there or at home before. I was very against putting him in a kennel, and we didn't want to leave him at home alone, so luckily my husband's mom vounteered to take him. She and Shadow get along quite well, and she thought it would be fun.

My mother-in-law said Shadow seemed depressed for the first couple of days, but then he was fine. When we got home late Sat. night, the house was so empty without our little friend, and we drove up to meet them the next day. We met them halfway, about 2.5 hours away. She said Shadow had had a little "leak" and he was quite embarrassed. I figured that was why he woudn't come to us when we saw him in her truck and called.

When we got home we gave him a quick bath since he was a bit wet, poor thing. He doesn't like baths of course, but he always seems to realize that we are helping groom him and he doesn't get upset at us about it. Then we just let him rest afterward.

The next day he wasn't his usual self. He doesn't play as much, he's very against being held or touched (not like he enjoyed being held before, but he'd tolerate it for a minute), and he meows differently - it's more kittenish. Now he's back to his usual routine, but he's still standoffish, hesitant, not as playful, and has that little meow. He also plays a lot rougher with my husband when they goof-off.

I've looked him over and can't find anything wrong physically that could be bothering him. Though I did immediately notice that he now has a skinny little white mustache under his nose. Could it be from stress? Shadow is only about 2 years old.

Although he's quite vendictive, he'll usually just give you a swat and then all is forgiven, so I don't think he's just mad at us. I don't think he could have forgotten us in that short amount of time either - he still seems familiar with us, the house, and the daily routine. I know it may just take time, but it worries me. He usually just bounces back after a trip, though of course we usually go with him. I was so excited to see him, and I thought he'd be the same.

acerlt 02-15-2011 05:30 PM

First of all, cats are not vindictive. :) They don't understand the concept. They are reactive. They react, but they don't get "angry" at you.

Shadow has been through a very stressful time and it will take him time to adjust to being home again.

However, stress causes illness in cats. My advice is to take Shadow to the vet. My biggest concern is urinary tract infection, which is very common for a cat who has been under stress. UTIs are very painful and get worse with time. Male cats can block, which is fatal.

So keep a sharp eye on his litter box habits (have you noticed any changes there?) and make an appointment for him.

Welcome to the forum and please let us know how Shadow is doing

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