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Default Discharge/Blood on my cats rectum

Hello everyone I am new to these forums. I am seeking some insight into this problem we noticed with my cat. Before I go into detail here YES we are taking her to the vet but nothing is opened on the weekends. We might wait a couple of days to see if it clears up on its own. Also she is 13/14 years old and is a rather overweight cat so it hard for her to clean herself. She is also a spayed cat.

First of all she is eating and drinking fine. We've been giving her treats and she ate her food earlier. She was even licking some of the ranch of my plate which I stopped her from doing but that actually made me feel better because I think if it was anything serious that she'd not do that. Anyways to tell you what is going on here it starts like this. Late evening on Friday I heard my cat get into the litter box which is right behind my computer chair. I turned around and looked at her to check on her and noticed she was in pooping position. Once I heard her get out of the box I turned to check things out (I don't do this all the time but did that night) and noticed no poop in the box. One of the reasons I check on her sometimes is because she is an older cat who is overweight. It is hard for her to clean herself because of that. Anyways I noticed a small turd was on the floor so of course I wanted to take care of it. I threw it out then came back to make sure she didn't have any other poop stuck to her since that sometimes happens and she did. Just a little piece and when I pulled it off her I noticed there was a little bit of blood. I figured okay maybe she was a bit constipated and it scratched her a little bit coming out OR maybe when I pulled it scratched her a little bit. I checked her butt out and noticed the clear discharge on there as well. When I googled it said this can happen with constipation.

On Saturday I kept close eye on her and every now and then I would wipe her just so that the fur and some poop around there would not irritate her. There was still small traces of blood as of yesterday but today it seemed to be better though there is still the clear discharge and she looks a bit swollen on her anus. This morning I heard her in the litter box which woke me up and after she got done I wanted to check for more blood but she hadn't gone. So again I was figuring constipation especially since after the first time she came back a couple more times and little turds had come out. There was still small trace of blood. Well finally the last time she had gone in it she finally pooped bigger than usual however it was covered in quite a bit of blood. I actually have a picture of this stool sample if you would like to see it. It's not that her stool was a dark color. If you would like to see the picture let me know. Being that it is Sunday we can't do anything right now because nothing is opened. She has gone poop since then it was normal bowel movement and no blood. However her little butt is looking a bit swollen and she still has some clear discharge with a very very small trace of blood and times there is no blood even there. You can't see the small amount of blood unless you wipe her. Just to be clear on that it's not like she's dripping blood out of her butt or that blood is visible. The reason I am posting on here is because I am really worried and just wanted to ask you guys if you thought this was serious or that it could be from constipation? Like I said to be clear again we are calling the vet tomorrow. I am wondering if she was constipated that it cut her a little bit and that is why she's having the clear discharge with little bit of blood when I wipe her and also why she's a little swollen around that area. I am going to see how her next bowel movement looks as well. Like I said I am keeping very close eye on her and have been checking her throughout the day. I am probably annoying the hell out of her. LOL

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