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Default How to hit your cat

I'm sure that title may have angered some people. I in no way want anybody to hurt their cat. What I wish to convey is how to hit them in a way that
(1) is instructive to their cat and (1) in no way manner or form hurts them.

Every day Scooter and Fluffy piss of Bella. Fluffy and Scooter are male cats, brothers, and Bella is a female cat. Normally they get along fine. Bella often licks Fluffys fur etc. With each of them I have spent time learning how hard I can pat them to show affection. A love tap if you will. In those cases it never stops them from purring and they never show any displeasure at the love tap. They give me love bites and I give them love taps. I tried a love bite last year but hated the fur left in my mouth.

Now, when Scooter, the little troublemaker of the three, goes after Bella and swipes at her with her paw or Bella starts screaming out I smack Scooter with the same pressure as the love tap. He knows what he did is not okay with me and runs away. I also smack him when he has a bit hold on Fluffy on the neck. Some behaviors can't be modified in this way. For instance, I used to pick up Scooter and take him to where he peed on the carpet and smack his butt. He'd freak out as soon as I started to bring him towards his boo boo. My visiting nurse said "Don't do that. He doesn't know any better." I stopped doing that at that point, no matter what. Even when Scooter woke my up with a meow just so he could pee on my face. Yep. You heard if here first. He peed on my face. I have no idea why. He never did it before then and never after then. He might have been trying to teach me a lesson or marking me as his territory. Can't say for sure. I recommend avoiding your cat doing that.

Same with Bella. She's always wanting to go outside. But she's a little pain in the butt. She goes out, meows, so I see if she wants to come in. When she doesn't I go back in. Soon after she does it again and she either comes back in or I make her come back in. Minutes later she's at the door meowing to get out again. Sometimes she scratches the door to let me know she wants out. Oy vey! So I do one of two things. I either say "No!" first. She may then claw the couch. I say "No!" again. If she keeps it up I smack her butt. But very lightly. She then scampers off. But she has this look that melts my heart as if she's saying to me "But daddy! What did I do wrong?" That look lays a guilt trip on me every time.

Fluffy is my little angel so he never gets a smack.

Now by "smack" I mean "pat genteelly" i.e. a light smack. The cat knows about context and that's the key here. How they respond to a pat depends on the context the pat is used. Smart little balls of fur, aren't they.

So please don't hurt your cat and know that there's a better way to inlunce them? I.e. hit does not mean hurt. Capisce?


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