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Unread 08-27-2007   #1 (permalink)
twinmomma+2's Avatar
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Default need some help!

well we adopted a super cute fur ball but right now our oldest is not to impressed by him. I am not sure if I am doing things the right way.
Kitten has his own safe room and Jinx (our oldest) has free rein of house. I lock the cat door and let kitten roam around down staires with me and my kids.
I have put kitten( he isn't named yet) in his carrier and let Jinx sniff at him. Well she hissed and growled and even swatted at him while he has in his carrier. I know we aren;t ready for a face to face meeting without a barrier yet, but how long does it take? Am I doing it the right way? Should I just try and let them meet while we watch to make sure no one gets hurt?
Ia m sort of thinking that Jinx may not the kitten is a kitten since the carrier is small and you can really only see through the door.

Plus my husband is allergic to the kitten-he can be in the same room but isn't able to hold him or pet him that much. we believe he is allergic to the salvia. He isn't allergic to Jinx though- she is DSH and kitten is a himi. Anyone ahve some ideas for me on that? I got a water free shampoo but it's not specfically for allergies. Does that matter?

Any help is greatly apperciated!!!!
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Unread 08-31-2007   #2 (permalink)
marble's Avatar
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Hi I cant help with your situation but I am in the exact same situation as you. (my post is a couple above you)

For a week I kept the kittens in the bedroom but they were always crying to come out. Sometimes when my 2 cats were out Id let the kittens have the run of the place.

Been nearly 2 weeks and both cats have come face to face with the kitties and both growled and hissed and left.

Now the kittens have free roam of the house and my 2 cats will only rush into eat and then rush back outside.

Its so heartbreaking to see my cats upset like this, I really dont want to put the kittens back in the bedroom as I know they arent happy in there and always try to escape or cry constantly.

I am also wondering how long (if at all) it will take to get used to each other and should we keep them in seperate rooms?

As for the allergies, your hubby has probably got used to your cat (this happened to me also) and although I am itchy at times I think I am immune to them now!

Allergy to cats is usually due to their saliva and/or skin (not fur strangely enough) but I do remember seeing a special shampoo / cat rub for people with allergies a few months ago at Pets At Home. Never used it though as I find they dont effect me anymore.

Good luck and let me know how you get on, (I also need all the help I can get!)
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Unread 08-26-2008   #3 (permalink)
fatbuttmut's Avatar
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I also have some new kittens around and my oldest cat, Weewee, is 8 years old. He's pretty laid back and not too shy so I would bring a kitten out, let him play around me and Weewee would be watching from a distance.
Always making sure the kitten didn't run into Weewee and scared him.
When I noticed Weewee was still relaxed I would talk to him and let him smell the kitten while I had him in my hands. That was only when Weewee showed that he was curious and wanted to check the kitten.
Weewee did hiss a couple times but I always made sure to pay attention to him and keep a soft tone of voice. Like everything's normal.
That was about 2-3 weeks ago and slowly I've noticed that Weewee has assumed the father role.
They did have a couple times when Weewee grabbed the male kitten by the neck, with his mouth, and another when he put his paw over the kitten. Both times I was observing and the kitten didn't cry in pain. Weewee was keeping the little one in line because he was getting too wild and playing rough.
Today he also stopped the kittens from "fight" play because they were overdoing it.
I guess cats know when it's a kitten and some will step in and take a good role.
On the other hand, my older female just tolerates the kittens but she's really shy and scared of everything. She'll just hide from them.
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