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HDPainterChick 04-19-2008 01:23 AM

Male cat acting strange after gone 5 days
My male un neutered cat got out of the house (he goes out on occasion) and has been gone 5 days. Tonight we saw him coming up to the house but when I went outside to call his name, he was very skittish, but came up to me, then scratched me and turned fast and kept walking away. I had to grab the carrier, follow him across the fields until I was close enough to get him. He's now inside and acting strange. Nervous, and like he doesn't recognize anything. He's laying in places he never laid, and crawling up onto my plants, which he never did. He's a tabby, and now I'm wondering if it's even my cat. I know that sounds stupid. We live in the country and never see any other cats around, so it's weird that another tabby, that looks like mine would just show up here. He acts like he doesn't know us, smells his toys like he's never seen them before, looks at everything in the house like it's the first time he's seen it. His dish is near a tv, and he keeps staring at the tv like he's never seen that before either. Before he knew his name when you called him.
He'd come running and meowing. Now he doesn't even acknowledge you.
Am I crazy, and maybe he isn't "Bernie"?
Maybe he was traumatized or something? He's only been back in the house for about 5 hours, and he acts like it's all new to him. We've had him over a year, and about two weeks ago he went out and was gone 3 days, but came in and acted normal.

dorothysmith 05-03-2008 04:22 AM

Ya, its really weird, I guess something gone wrong. I'm also confused is it your cat?? :confused: Check and consult your vet soon

braceegenny4m 05-03-2008 03:03 PM

well, i think you should try and see when you open the door if he'll run away and if he comes back you'll know its your cat and if he doesnt it was a crazy cat that just came to your house that looks like your cat. thats nuts. hope you figure things out

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