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Unread 07-16-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Unhappy Aggressive Kitten? Am I okay?

Well I recently got a companion for my 8 week old kitten, Bailey. Bailey, she's kind of a firecracker as most kittens tend to be. Anyways her and Yorick, our new kitten, are now getting along great. He's 8 weeks too but not QUITE as energetic as Bailey. I've noticed that since they've been playing, every now and then Yorick lets out a squeak, which I'm thinking means Bailey is being too rough.

I wouldn't be too worried but I had experience in the past with my best friend's cat. He was REALLY hyper as a kitten, like REALLY hyper, and grew up into a MONSTER. He'd be a sweety/affectionate one moment, and the next he'd latch onto your face or scratch you or bite you friggin HARD. It was completely random and I'd never met such a bipolar cat. Now keep in mind this was him PLAYING. When I moved in with my friend we brought other young cats into the picture. It was always fine for the new cat, AT FIRST. They would chase and play and have fun (Calvin ALWAYS had to play, ALWAYS) but when it got down to good old fashioned wrestling, it ALWAYS ended up with Calvin forgetting he was playing and would get REALLY rough. This ruined his relationship with our other 3 cats. Sometimes it took him a month to ruin it, other times it took a week. It was awful. I don't know why he's like that. He's close to 7 now and I visited recently and he's STILL like that.

So annywho, I bring Calvin up because I want to know if there are any precautions I can take to keep Bailey from becoming Calvin. I might be jumping to conclusions but it's very important to me that I don't raise her to be a Calvin. Calvin is the only cat I literally HATE and I don't want my sweet Bailey to end up like him. I think a big part of it was my friend constantly wrestling with him with her hand his whole childhood too. I don't know. There's probably an easy solution but I've only owned adult cats set in their ways. Super little kittens are new to me. =)

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