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Unhappy Aggressive Play

My older cat, the Princess, is generally a very sweet cat. In fact, I got her because she was so sweet after my previous cat had to be put to sleep for a neurological problem that made her very aggressive without warning. (You'd be petting her, she'd be completely relaxed and then suddenly she'd take a chunk out of you.) It was a very painful experience (emotionally and physically) and I did not want a repeat. So the Princess was chosen for her sociability with humans and gentleness.

During the past year or so, she has begun to want to play rough with me. She will bite me softly sometimes to tell me she wants to play, and that is fine. But other times, if I indicate I don't want to play, or even as I move to get a toy to play with her, she will pounce on me.

I confess that this was a major reason I got the new kitten. I figured she was bored and that having a little Prince around the house would entertain her. She can play rough with a cat in ways that she can't play rough with me. (I have no fur!)

Right now, of course, she and the young Prince are not playing well together. Mostly she growls, he growls, he explores, she stares at him and, if he gets too close, she pounces at him and chases him away. Normal, I suppose. I let them do this for a little while and then separate them. The kitten is in one room, she has the run of the house.

So I am sitting on my bed, innocently watching tv after having fed and played with each cat in turn, and the Princess jumps on my bed and starts pulling on my dress with her teeth. I tell her, "not now I don't want to play" and turn my attention back to the TV. Often that works (turning my attention away after acknowledging her presence) but this time it didn't. She pounced on my arm and bit me. Not really deeply, but she did scratch the skin.

I grabbed her and threw her out of the room, but there has to be a better way.

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