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Default Cats destroying wires

I'm hoping someone here can offer me some advice. I'm on the verge of getting rid of my beloved cats because I just cannot handle another ruined piece of equipment. This is getting far too expensive. Here's the situation.

I have two sibling cats about 1.5 years old. They have wonderful, friendly personalities. They're sweet to guests, and they constantly follow me around and want to be near me when we're here alone. They are great cats, except for the fact that they keep destroying anything with wires. Here's a short list of wires destroyed in the past 2 months: cable modem cord (twice), headphones (4 sets), iPod connecting cord, computer speakers (2 sets), keyboard, mouse. None of these cords dangle. They sit flat on some surface. The severity of the damage has been from frayed wires to wires being completely chewed through.

I'll note that they never play with wires in front of me. They only do it when my back is turned, so to speak. Like the other day I was in the shower and when I came out my mouse wire had been ripped up.

None of these cords dangle. I always taught them that wires aren't toys, and the toys they do have aren't wiry or dangly. They've got tons of toys and scratch posts and everything else. But they keep coming after anything with wires.

I've heard that you can buy some kind of casing to put around wires. Is there anything that can be done in terms of behavior modification? Something to make them scared of the wires or not think of them as toys?

Thanks in advance.
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