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Unread 08-27-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Question Cat Arguments?

Hi, I'm new here!

Just have a situation... recently moved in with someone who also has a cat. His cat is 8 and mine is 6. My cat (Thatcher) is a male and his cat is a female (China), both of them are fixed. Thatcher has lived with a cat before, i bought my ex roommate a kitten for her birthday who he lived with for a year (the kitten was male and fixed). We dont know if China has ever lived with another cat but it appears to me she has not.

From day one Thatcher has attempted to befriend China multiple times a day before giving up. Today was more of the same, he approached her and she started actually growling. I guess Thatcher had had enough.. because he began chasing her around the apartment. There was much hissing (from both parties) and chasing (of China) and now China has herself wedged under the bed (our bed is low to the ground) and Thatcher is at the head of the bed watching her.

I dont know what to do and I'm worried they're going to hurt each other since they both have claws. I've never had a cat before Thatcher and I've never had any problems with him at all... but now... i just dont know what to do.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation or have any advice for me? We really need them to at least ignore each other if they're not gonna cuddle because there is no option to move out for either of them... because where would they go?

And of course my dog lays on the floor happy with her chew toy and oblivious to it all. Ahhh dogs. LOL
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Unread 08-30-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Default Hi my name is Adam i had a simaler problem with my 2 cats.

My cats are 5 months old and 3 years old. The younger one tried to befriend the older one. Every time this happened the older cat Cady...would either hiss at Fiona the younger cat. Or there would be a fight. I made a blog for people who have this problem with their cats. Here's the link to my blog...I Discovered The Truth About My Cats Adamcihan89's Blog On Cats

This can help you.

From Adam Licata
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It simply takes time for cats to get used to each other. How much time really depends on the cat. Until you are sure there are no serious injuries being caused by the skirmishes don't leave them alone together.

Smell is everything to a cat. Get two towels and rub them on each cat and then the other cat. Put a towel under each dish so each cat associates the smell of the other with a good thing...supper.

In addition , you can try the vanilla trick. Put a dot of vanilla (cooking vanilla, not perfume) on the nose and root of tail of each cat. This makes both cats smell the same.

Be sure you have enough litter boxes. Two plus one more in another place is best.

Be sure each cat has a place to go to get away for some peace and quiet.

It's important that both people interact with both cats as much as possible.

In the evening, get on the floor in the main room of the house and play Games. Both people, side to side each playing with one cat, then the other can gradually lead to communal Games!

You can get feliway plug in diffusers to help with territorial issues. They aren't cheap, but they do work.

Welcome to the forum and please keep us updated on Thatcher and China!

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