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NumberSeven 10-01-2009 04:50 PM

Cat "whip" - BAD KITTY!
We have two cats - one 14, the other about 10 - and I've seen this behavior in every cat I've known, but this one needs help.

Did'ja ever see a cat for no apparent reason just begin to fritz out, running heck bent for leather around the house, stopping suddenly, then running again?

Well Willow (an ex-outdoor cat with her front claws removed) was sitting on my lap being loved last night when she got "that look" in her eyes and before I could put her down from the sofa, dug her back claws into me and gave me many many deep scratches before jumping down and running for her life.
I was not stroking her hard or badly, just the usual.

Now today, she just went at it again, growling and running around like a possessed cat on acid.

Anybody know what this is called and how to alleviate it?

Artemis Moonsong 10-02-2009 03:48 AM

That sounds like the sign of a nervous cat. If she's never done this before, something traumatic (at least in her mind) may have happened recently to her. She's still on edge, and now maybe little tiny things are tipping her off.

My Bastet is an extremely nervous kitty and used to give me gouge marks in my arms until I started clipping her claws. Obviously, not every cat will let you clip her claws :rolleyes: (My other cat Nefrit won't let me do it at all.)

As long as she's eating well and still washes herself, it's probably not health-related.

NumberSeven 10-02-2009 05:25 AM

Whippy Kitty
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Upset? Nah, I don't think so. She's mostly calm as milk toast and a real lover, and loves attention. Cat #1 and her (also a female) have a grudging truce and I've had to let Willow know in no uncertain terms that the older cat is really Cat #1 if you will as Willow has attempted to take over the house, but mostly she's a good girl.

The Whips happen suddenly and without provocation.

As to claws, neither really like it, but I DO keep their back claws trimmed, and now I shall be a bit more diligent in that regard.

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