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WhiteShadow 10-24-2010 06:34 AM

Lost my cat, dunno what to do
I lost my cat 3 days ago, around my area. Had him in my car, and had to stop and pick someone up, then he jumped out of the car and I just lost sight of him. As highly unlikely as it seems, it happened. :(

I have been searching day and night, in and around that place. The area is a city residential area, with 4 and 10 storeys buildings, narrow streets and plenty of green space between buildings and streets, including a small park.

I am trying to post here in the hope of better understanding where he might be or where he might have wanted to go. At this point, I have no idea if it is better to keep searching the spot where I lost him or to go further and how far to go. Again, I have no idea if he might come towards my home or just wander away. The place where I lost him is actually only 4-5 blocks away, that's under 5 minutes of walking on foot.

He didn't seem to be a scary cat, every time someone came at my house, he just jumped on them and played with them. I only had him for about 2 months, but I gotta say I felt that there was already a bond between us, but that may be just me. His milk teeth just fell a week before losing him, so I guess he's about 4-5 months old. Also, I have to mention it's quite cold out here, we already have 0 degrees centigrade in the night and the winter is coming.

I would appreciate any kind of help and just tell me if I need to tell you more. I just want to find him, this thing is literally bringing me down. :(

acerlt 10-24-2010 08:53 AM

Call or visit all area vets and shelters daily to see if he has been brought in,.

Make up a lost kitten flyer, with a picture and stick it everywhere, including the vet and the shelter. Offer a reward.

Check, or ask people to check all sheds, garages, garbage cans, etc, in case he is stuck.

Ask the neighborhood children, they are the ones who will notice him.

Put his used litter outside in your yard.

If he is a friendly kitten chances are someone else has taken him in, however, friendly in the house may not mean friendly outside.

I'm sorry this has happened. When he comes home buy a carrier and never ever transport him without him being in it.

WhiteShadow 10-24-2010 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by acerlt (Post 108321)
buy a carrier

Guess I found this out the hard way, didn't I ? As for everything else, it's pretty much useless.

Even if it's the capital city, there are literally thousands of cats and dogs on the streets, abandoned or just born on the streets.

As for the shelter, we don't have anything like this. We have something like a shelter, but it looks more like an abandoned slaughter house from a horror movie. And anyway, nobody cares and nothing is done to collect animals from streets. They just stay on the streets until they die or get adopted.

So there are dozens and dozens of cats everywhere you look, of any possible age and color. What I mean is if you see a cat on the street it's just like nothing, you continue walking, it's just like seeing a tree or a plant around here, they're very, very common...

That makes me think if it's worth putting posters. I am also very limited by money right now and all I can afford is printing on my cheap A4 printer, that god knows how much toner has left in it.

I was talking mostly about going on foot searching for him, but for this I need to guess where he might me. Otherwise, it's like searching the needle in a haystack.

Can't leave anything outside, it would get thrown to garbage by people.

AuntKitty 10-24-2010 10:46 AM

Please let us know if you find him, and yes, buy that carrier. Does he have a collar with his name and your phone number? Is he microchipped?

Meow 10-25-2010 07:54 PM

Try checking your local Craigslist listing. There is a section for lost/found pets. I know someone who used it and I think it was succesful.

Good luck! I really hope you will find yout kitty.

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