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Unread 05-06-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Sad, Depressed and Sulked

First of all I thank all who advised me on my last post.
Now that my female cat has turned a year old and two male cats about 7 month old. Earlier all of them used to play together and were very naughty together. As I had earlier told about my female cats behaviour of picking clothes from neighbours houses; she continued to do so till 10 days back. I do not know what happened..Either my neighbours had hit her (for they complained me about her so I think may be they did so) or some dog attacked her..I do not know she had lots of bruises and sprains near the neck, head and back..I am treating her with medicines and she is ok and is responding well to food and water. But she has sulked, keeps quiet, looks depressed and sad. Also strange behaviour is being shown by the two male cats towards her. They do not come near her and if I try to bring close to her they run away and hide. They also snarl and make noises at her warning her not to come near them. They are not interacting with her at all and when she too tries to go near them they attack her. Why these two have changed their behaviour suddenly towards her. Since she got wounded they are behaving in this way. This makes her feel more low and looks at me bitterly.What has these two male cats sensed that they run away seeing her. I feel sad at her condition. Earlier I had tried my best to keep her indoors but she meows a lot if I do so.
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I'm very sorry to hear your beloved girl has been so badly injured.

You don't say whether you took her to the vet for her injuries, but I am assuming (and hoping) that you did. The other two cats are probably reacting to the vet smell. In addition, if she has an infection she may smell different.

Cats operate by sense of smell, and a kitty companion that smells different will seem to be a stranger to them. As she resumes smelling like herself, they will forget about the strange smelling cat.

Don't force the cats to be together. Let them work it out on their own.

Please keep your cats inside. It is obviously not safe for them to go out. When she meows to go out, work harder at entertaining her in the house.

Buy or build a cat tree, or install cat shelves on the walls. Play interactive games with the cats every day to keep them mentally stimulated and physically fit.

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please read this first
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Poor kitty!!! It sounds like she was attacked by another animal. If so, the other animal's smell is on her. As Gail said, animals react to smell, so she doesn't smell like herself now. She smells like an unfamiliar animal. Little by little, the other animal's smell should wear off and she will smell like herself. When I adopted two senior cats, I wasn't quite sure how to introduce them to my two cats that I already had. Among other things, Gail recommmended that I buy two Feliway diffusers--put one in the room where the new cats would be, and put the other one in the room closest to where the new cats were, as close to the door as possiblle. The Feliway diffusers are some kind of pheremones that calm down stressed and/or aggressive cats, and you just plug them in. They look very similar to those plug-in ir fresheners where you have a small, clear bottle with liquid that gets attached to the plastic "diffuser", which gets plugged in. I happened to have an outlet right near the door inside my bedroom, where my new cats were kept when I first got them. I also just happened to have an outlet right near the same bedroom door, only in my living room (my bedroom is right next to the living room) It was the perfect spot for the diffusers because my two resident cats camped out in the living room, in front of the closed bedroom door, hissing and growling for more than a week. The two new cats camped out on the other side of the door, sniffing and looking under the door. I think the Feliway difuser helped make the introductions easier. I wish I knew about it years ago when I had a puppy, and then I had a baby several months after getting the puppy. The dog was house-trained, but after I had the baby, the dog used to poop right on the floor in front of the crib, and she used to take the dirty diapers out of the diaper pail, hold one in her mouth and shake her head back and forth really fast a bunch of times with the diaper in her mouth, and poop would go flying everywhere!!!

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