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Unread 04-15-2015   #1 (permalink)
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Default Why is my cat randomly hissing at me?

I had her for 6 years. She spayed and everything. I keep her in my bedroom. I let her out at night to run around until I go to bed. 3 days ago I came back in the house in the morning and she hissed at me as I was coming back in the room. I left out the room 3 times and came back and each time she hissed at me. She also followed me out of the room one time still hissing at me. She even stood in the doorway one time and was lookin at me, as if she was daring me to come back in my own room. Later on in the day she calmed down and was her normally cuddly self.

Yesterday morning she did the same thing. Hissed at me again. She been doing it for the last 3 days but its random. I notice its only when Im walking towards her she hisses. She sitting on my lap right now as I'm typing this. I just dont understand what could be triggering these random hisses. I dont even feel comfortable sleeping in the same room with her anymore. She usually sleeps with me but now I feel nervous whe i wake up and see her sitting on the bed next to me. Afraid she might attack me in my sleep one night

another thing I meant to mention is that she only hisses at me is if shes standing by the bedroom door and I'm about to leave out the bedroom or if I'm entering the bedroom and she's standing by the door. In the past she would just run away but now she hisses and I dont know what causing it. Other than that she's her normal self.

She's a indoor cat so she's never encountered other cats before. She's only attempt to scratch me one time during the hissing behavior. She swiped at my leg one time but I had on jeans to protect me from getting scratched

What could be the reason she hissing at me? She also sometimes meow in between her hisses Does that have any meaning also

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Unread 01-18-2016   #3 (permalink)
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Something happened that has made her nervous or afraid, she is 'warning' you not to come closer. I would not be afraid to sleep with her, she hasn't tried to actually attack you, is just warning you. I would truly doubt it will come to that. She may have seen another cat outside, or smells something she doesn't like on you, or someone pounded on the door and scared her, there is SOMETHING she doesn't like and is afraid of. If it is in the mornings she is doing this, then something in the morning is scaring her. Maybe she wasn't used to anyone home at that time of the day and didn't realize it was you. Always talk to her when entering, cats are known to be extremely near sighted. If you act afraid, or yell at her, you are re-enforcing her idea that she should hiss at you. You have to get her to trust you again, the best way to do that is through play time or yummy treats. Get a string wand and try to play with her. Offer her smelly tuna or other treats she really likes and stroke her while she is eating. If she won't let you, set the treat down and let her come to it, moving closer each time you give her one. All the luck!
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