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Default Orphan kitten -- help! I don't know what I am doing!

This is my first post on this forum, I'm sorry if the thread is in the wrong section.

I need major help with an orphan kitten. We got him a month ago, some friends of ours found him, a week old baby, and gave him to us. He could barely crawl. He was so tiny! He cried a lot the first day but then accepted me as his mommy. We bought him formula and an electric warmer. We rent a trailer and the nights get cold out here in the country. All he would do was cry and eat. I kept him in a box so he couldn't get out and hurt himself, and he sure hated the darn box. Only after a few days I figured out a way to pet him to sleep and put him into the box when he was sleepy so he wouldn't cry. I would wake up at night to feed him the formula.

Right now he's 6 weeks old, and he does not let me go anywhere. He either sleeps, eats, or bites me like there's no tomorrow, and he mostly bites. I have to be in the same room as him, and if I'm within reach, here comes the biting. I'm assuming that usually cats get several kittens per litter and they play with each other, but my little boy is by himself and I'm the only source of entertainment for him.

I'm studying for my online Master's, where I have to study most of the day. I cannot be his -punching- biting bag 24/7, and I'm honestly getting tired of it. I'm covered in scratches and bites, and his bites are getting quite painful. But it's not just that, he keeps distracting me because all he wants to do is play with me. I play with him in the morning when he wakes up and at night, and sometimes during the day. That means I sacrifice my hands for him to bite as hard as he can. I got him a couple plush toys and I play sometimes with a piece of cardboard on a string for him to chase around. He's not interested in any of that. His prime target are my fingers.

We're also building a house, and are on a very low budget right now. We can't afford a ton of toys and whatnot for him, but this is becoming a hassle for me. At the same time, I don't want to be a bad mommy and make him depressed or something.

Sometimes he just sits there and stares at me. We've had cats before, but I've never seen one do that.

We got 4 litter boxes in our little trailer home. I put them around the areas where he usually pees or poops, and he uses them most of the time. Because I study so much, it's hard to catch him when he's about to go to the bathroom in a new location and put him on the litter box.

Once we move into our new home, I need to teach him to use the litter box only. I have no idea how to do that. I'm gonna have to put several litter boxes around the house, too. We are moving in around a month.

I'm actually considering to getting another kitten of his age that he can be occupied with while I do my work.

I'm honestly not sure what to do, and I need help!

I'm weaning him right now and I stay away from cat food like the plague. I'm a nutritionist, a human one, but I've read up on cat nutrition, too. The best diet is a raw meat diet. Right now I cook for him because he gets a bloody diarrhea from raw foods. The vet said he's too young to give him meds. I cook animal foods without salt or spices, and he eats that with pleasure, but still likes the bottle once or twice a day. I give him Echinacea + goldenseal glycerite extract once a day for his bloody diarrhea (the vet said it's a bacterial infection).

He's also got fleas. I gave him a bath and got a lot of them out into the towel, but he's still got some more. He's too young to give him flea meds, too. I tried cat-safe essential oils, but they didn't help.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate whatever advice you wanna throw at me!

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