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Unread 03-21-2016   #1 (permalink)
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Exclamation Hello everyone! New here, and in desperate need of advice.. HELP!

Hello everyone! New here, and I'm looking for some advice.

I have a 6 month old male siamese/ragdoll mix kitten named Neico. I got him when he was around 6 or 7 weeks old. I'm still getting used to life with a kitten. (It's been quite some time since I've owned one.) I absolutely ADORE him. When he's good, he's great!! But when he's bad, Lord is he BAD...

I've got two major issues I'm seeking advice on right now:

1. Getting up on the kitchen counters and going into whatever cabinet he pleases. He LOVES to get in the cabinet where my mother keeps all of her prescription medication bottles and supplies to knock them down all over the kitchen floor and play with them. She did keep them on top of the microwave but once he started doing that, she put them inside the cabinet above of it. Now I know you guys are probably thinking "well why does't she move her medications elsewhere?" WE DID MOVE THEM, (don't worry, he's not going around the house playing with prescription medication or anything.) But that's not the point, the point is, he still does it with everything else as well. Spices, condiments, food, dishes, cups, everything!!! I plan to go through the house and pretty much baby proof everything. But I won't be able to do that for a couple weeks so I am seeking advice for what to do in the mean time. We've tried using a spray bottle, and that worked for awhile but now it doesn't phase him one bit. We've used a loud whistle and yelled "no!", but that didn't work either. The only thing that gets him off that counter is when I yell his name and start getting up and walking towards him.. then he FLYS off. But as soon as I sit back down, he does it again!! It's like he's testing me. We can do this all day. I REFUSE to smack him. Another HUGE CONCERN of mine, is that he's going to jump up there one day while the stove is still hot and burn himself. That is a HUGE concern for me. I don't want him to accidentally injure himself. That is my top priority above all.

And the other issue:

2. He LOVES to knock peoples drinks over. He nearly ruined my moms tablet and her phone. He does it on purpose too!! He has RUINED the floors, the furniture, important documents, electronics, anything that was on the stand at the time it was knocked over. We have since moved all of our important items and my mom and I only use cups with lids now. But the floors and furniture are still getting ruined. If we have guests over, and they happen to accidentally leave their drink unattended, BAM! There goes Neico, and knocks it over. Now that persons belongings are ruined.

I'm just at a loss.. he has all the toys and attention he could ever want. He has a playmate, so it's not like he's the only animal in the house. My dog (which is a bichon frise) plays with him all the time. We got him fixed about a month ago, I would have thought that would of calmed him down some, but it hasn't so far. I realize that he's just being a kitten, but I just need to figure out a way to discipline him. How do you discipline your cat/kitten? Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


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What you've got is a perfectly normal kitten. As you have already discovered punishment doesn't work with kittens (or cats)

What works is to replace the undesirable behavior with desirable behavior, something else he is allowed to do.

1) put the medications away in a lidded tote box and put them in a cupboard.

2) Give him an elevated place where he can be in the kitchen when you are working in there. When he jumps up on the counter, move him to his own place. Another idea is to keep a box of throw toys like crumpled paper balls handy and throw the toys to his own elevated spot and let him chase them up there.

When you are not using the kitchen put everything away and make sure the stove is off. He is going to get up there when you are not home no matter what you do, so just learn to keep everything safe, no food, knives or glassware left around, and wipe the counters down before you use them.

Make sure he has enough places to run and jump and climb in every room of the house.

Cats thrive on routine. Give him structured interactive play time every day. Three or four times a day, as near to the same times every day as you can, play vigorous games with him. Never use your hands or feet as toys. Always have a toy in your hand for him to attack, or chase or pounce on.

Play games with him that involve not only running and jumping but stalking and hunting..mental exercise is as important as physical exercise.

Provide forts (cats love a card board box fort) and paper bag caves (cut off handles) as well as things he can pounce on (like dragging a wand toy under a newspaper)

Arrange Game time around meal times. A cat's natural cycle is hunt (play), eat, wash, sleep. Of course a kitten is perpetual motion so it will be more like play, eat, play, wash, play, sleep.

Diet is very important. Feed him a wet only diet. NO DRY FOOD. Feed a variety of brands of canned foods to keep him from getting fixated on any one food. Avoid fish, it's not good for cats. Learn to read labels and avoid high carbohydrate foods as much as possible.

At his age he should be fed as much as he can eat at every meal, four meals a day is best. Once he is over a year old you can drop it to three meals a day.

Don't leave drink glasses out where he can knock them over. He's already shown he is a cat who loves Gravity Experiments. This is very common in cats.

Give him other things he is allowed to knock over. Line up toys along the edge of his cat tree platforms,, the side of the tub, a book case, anywhere he likes to perch, give him his own toys to knock over. This is normal behavior and you are not going to change it. Just give him his own things to do it with and keep the drinking glasses out of reach.


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Unread 03-24-2016   #3 (permalink)
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My calico named Monet does the same thing!! and the issue is yes the stove so when I shut the stove off - I cover the element with a pot lid under it cools! you just have to be persistent on getting them off of tables etc. - Monet is getting somewhat better! I hope that this helps!!! Lyn
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