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woof 08-23-2017 04:10 AM

Mother suddenly hates son
Hello experienced friends of cats. I have a problem with 2 cats who are now constantly fighting.

This is a mother and son so they have been together since... well you know what I mean. The mother cat, is a Siberian mix breed and is 15 years old this year. The son seems to be a Cream Point,(We don't know who the father is), and is 9 years old.

Both of them have been as thick as thieves, have never been apart and have never fought. Until the mother cat had to head in for an operation to remove a ruptured gland. When she got back, the fighting started and hasn't stopped since.

We have tried feliway with no improvement. We have multiple little boxes. We have multiple food trays and water containers. They both have their own baskets but they keep fighting for the same one. Both have been spayed and the vet doesn't seem to have any suggestions.

I have read in other threads that its likely after an extended stay at the vet, they do not recognize the smell which I think is very likely. The son didn't seem to recognize the mother at first, however, he does seem to know her now. The aggression seems to start with the mother every time he comes near here. She does not seem to want him near her at all and he keeps trying to get close which results in continuous hissing and fighting. She seems at peace when we lock one of them in a room but this just seems mean without an end in sight. :(

Any advice would be much appreciated by anyone who has experienced something like this before.

*I did read something about Rescue Remedy which I haven't heard of before. Will be looking into it.

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