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Default The Encyclopedia of the Cat

Written by a cat expert, The Encyclopedia of the Cat is a look at the fascinating world of cats. More than just a reference book, this is a lavishly illustrated and highly accessible encyclopedia telling every cat lover all they ever wanted to know about this most appealing of animals.
From the significance of the cat to the Ancient Egyptians to the origination of the Birman and the Maine Coon, everything from history and anatomy; breeds and breeding; and grooming and showing is covered.
The coverage of cat breeds gives detailed descriptions of the common cat to the less common Norwegian Forest cat. 1,000 photographs combine with the text, enabling all breeds to be quickly and easily identified.
There is a compendium of cat care which will provide cat owners and owners-to-be with all the information they ever need to know about keeping these intriguing, fascinating, and mysterious animals.
The encyclopedia is full of information and essential facts about the cat: did you know that they Scottish Fold breed descends from a single folded0ear kitten that was noted in 1961 in Scotland; or that English scientist Sir Isaac Newton is credited with the invention of the cat flap?
Cat-owners and cat-lovers alike will find a wealth of essential information on the world of cats in this all-encompassing encyclopedia.
Customer Review: A Cat-ophile's Dream Guide
Whether you are considering purchasing a cat, or if you are already governed by a frisky feline friend, you will find this book to be an essential addition to your mountain of kitty supplies. I have read many cat guides and out of the mammoth stack I have elevated this particular guide to the much honored position of being one of the most essential cat guides available. There are a vast amount of reasons that I found this book to be worthy of such a statement. First of all, I appreciated the section on each different breed that was dedicated to explaining that particular breed's personality and idiosyncrasies. Although this section is decidedly short, it includes the basic personality information for each breed. This would be a particularly necessary element to those of you who are considering purchasing a cat but are unaware of what the most desirable breed for your particular situation and personality would be. Also, for someone who already owns a cat and is considering attaining another the personality information is helpful in identifying what breed would be the most suitable and the most friendly toward the already established cat. For the veteran cat owner, this informative section will also prove to be very interesting although obviously not as necessary. Another desirable element that causes this book to be an essential addition to any cat-ophile's library would be the vast amount of information provided for each breed. For instance, these are the title headings of the sections listed for the Siamese cat : (1.) Origins of the Breed (2.) Breed is Established (3.) First Siamese in Britain (4.) First Siamese in the United States (5.) Color Varieties Recognized (6.) Classic Siamese Colors (7.) Red Point Siamese (8.) Tabby Points (9.) Characteristics (10.) Color Specifications (11.) Temperament (12.) Care As is evident, a considerable amount of relevant information is provided for each breed of cat. However, not every breed is given an equal amount of attention. The felines with various coat colors and varieties are given a larger amount of space as the author goes into detail about different coat pattern/color variations which would be very useful information to a breeder or someone considering professionally showing their cat. The rarer breeds have considerably less information, however, the material provided for them is very well documented and proves to be very interesting. Also, the amount of kittens per litter and the date when the female is first ready to be mated are mentioned on almost every breed. The care section is presented on each different cat and is very useful, although often it is not lengthy or detailed. Occasionally, on the side of the page a section called "cat facts" is presented that includes various fascinating feline trivia. The beginning of this guide is dedicated to cats in general including several lengthy well explained sections detailing historical cat information. Also, a section about cats and their relationships in the human world is presented. Other information, such as the anatomy of the cat, detailed explanations on feline features such as fur, claws, and various sensory organs, the life cycle of a cat, curiosity, hunting behavior, the ability to leap great distances, how to choose a cat, how to prepare your home for your new kitten, training, feeding, how to raise kittens, cat aliments, healthcare options, and lengthy sections on how to show your cat are mere examples of the multitude of fascinating, well presented, and essential information presented in this massive guide. For those of you who find it useful, a list of the sections presented in the beginning of the book can be found at the end of this review. As can be ascertained, much of this information will prove to be very valuable to understanding and caring for your feline friend. Also, the historical data, although not essential to caring for and selecting kittens, is fascinating and very well researched. The only detrimental element that I was able to discover in this book was present in the general introduction to cats. This guide seemed to support the mistaken view that most individuals who are not familiar with cats appear to harbor. It portrayed that felines are not loving toward their owners and are mostly selfish creatures seeking comfort and are capable of no other concerns. This is a mistaken philosophy. While cats are admittedly selfish, they are very loving. I have been owned by an adorable Siamese for two glorious years, and I can state from personal experience that cats are very loving pets. Unlike dogs, it is essential to spend time with them and bond with them slowly, as is their cautious and highly intelligent way. The added effort is definitely worth the outcome as you will attain an ever loving companion that will graciously help you run your house and nap on you when you most need to get up. Of course, there is always much purring and the occasional astounding acrobatics meant to impress the owner to such an extreme that tuna will be forthcoming. Another impressive element to be found in this book is the sheer amount of breeds represented. As the cover of this guide states, it does seem to truly include every recognized breed of cat as well as containing a section on new breeds and wild cats from various continents. For those of you who would appreciate an in-depth knowledge of the domestic cat breeds included in this book a list will be presented at the conclusion of this review. Another element that the reader may find useful is the inclusion of cat related business addresses presented at the end of this guide. Although I have no use for them, other people might find them invaluable. Therefore, this is another valuable addition to this encyclopedia. The numerous pictures in this book are well photographed and relevant to the subject matter. Every breed has ample pictures of posed cats that accurately represent the breed. Occasional drawings of the aforementioned cats are included throughout the guide when needed. Also, many of the pictures caught kitties in funny and adorable positions that causes this guide to remain in the cat lover's mind as a cherished position. To conclude, whether you are considering a fluffy addition to the family and are unsure of what breed would be the most conducive to your situation, or you are a veteran cat owner who desires to add another book about your ever loving kitty to your collection then you will discover this guide to be highly necessary. The illustrations and photographs are excellent and do an accurate job of representing prefect examples of the breed. The information is invaluable. Every cat (with the exception of the rare breeds) has ample descriptions including details about personality, history, coat variations, and care. The information in the beginning of the book varies from entertaining to essential; it explains the feline personality in general and further clarifies different aspects of the cat's nature such as anatomy, history, etcetera. Everything presented in this guide has proven to be highly necessary to the understanding and care of the feline. If you require the best cat books then this should definitely be added to your library. Highly recommended. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - CONTENTS OF INTRODUCTION : (1.) Introduction (2.) A World of Cats (3.) Cats in the Human World (4.) Anatomy and Senses of the Cat (5.) Claws and Teeth (6.) Skin and Coat (7.) A Cat's Life (8.) Sight (9.) Sound (10.) Smell, Taste, and Touch (11.) Movement and Balance (12.) Instinct and Learning (13.) Grooming (14.) The Curiosity of Cats (15.) Felix the Hunter (16.) Cat Psychology (17.) Cat Language (18.) Owning a Cat (19.) Choosing a Cat (20.) The Cat's New Home (21.) Kitten Care (22.) Training Your Cat (23.) Feeding Your Cat (24.) Grooming Your Cat (25.) Traveling With A Cat (26.) The Indoor Cat (27.) The Outdoor Cat (28.) Creatures of Habit (29.) A Healthy Cat (30.) Veterinary Care (31.) Feline Ailments (32.) Nine Lives (33.) Caring for the Elderly Cat (34.) Breeding From Your Cat (35.) Pregnancy and Kittening (36.) Rearing Kittens (37.) In the Beginning (38.) The Evolution of the Domestic Cat (39.) Friends and Enemies (40.) From Persecution to Popularity (41.) Myth and Folklore (42.) Popular Pets (43.) Cats in Literature (44.) Cats in Art (45.) Cats in Film and Theater (46.) Cats in the Twentieth Century (47.) The Naming of Cats (48.) Early Cat Shows (49.) The Cat Fancy (50.) Showing Cats (51.) Show Standards (52.) Getting Ready For the Show (53.) Showing in America (54.) Showing Cats Around the World (55.) Cat Behavior (56.) Genes and Heredity (57.) Feline Terminology (58.) Pedigree and Non-Pedigree (59.) Feral Cats (60.) Introduction to Cat Breeds (61.) New Breeds - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DOMESTIC CAT BREEDS INCLUDED : (1.) Longhairs (2.) Turkish Angora (3.) Turkish Van (4.) Main Coon (5.) Persian (6.) Colorpoint Longhair (7.) Birman (8.) Balinese and Javanese (9.) Cymric (10.) Somali (11.) Norwegian Forest Cat (12.) Shorthairs (13.) British (European) Shorthairs (14.) American Shorthair (15.) Chartreux (16.) Exotic Shorthair (17.) American Wirehair (18.) Manx (19.) Japanese Bobtail (20.) Scottish Fold (21.) Abyssinian (22.) Egyptian Mau (23.) Ocicat (24.) Russian Blue (25.) Korat (26.) Burmese (27.) Bombay (28.) Siamese (29.) Tonkinese (30.) Havana Brown (31.) Oriental Shorthair (32.) Rex Breeds (33.) Rare Breeds (34.) Nebelung (35.) American Bob Tail (36.) Ragdoll (37.) Kashmir (38.) Tiffany (39.) Selkirk Rex (40.) Siberian Cat (41.) American Curl (42.) Burmilla (43.) California Spangled Cat (44.) Singapura (45.) Snowshoe (46.) Malayan (47.) Munchkin (48.) Sphynx (49.) Safari Cat (50.) Bengal (51.) Non-Pedigree - - - > From this point forward the book is dedicated to wild species of cats from various world regions. < - - - Ravenova
Customer Review: Useful tool in cat knowledge
I appreciated the beautiful pictures & illustrations not only of the different breeds, but pictures of cats in their environments & their displays of behaviors. The information on the anatomy of a cat has been very useful in my caring for two cats that I have adopted. It's a perfect compliment to another publication on cats that I recently purchased. The encyclopedia has been very useful in helping me raise my cats.

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