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Default ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats

Indispensable for both first-time and experienced cat owners, the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats is the one place to turn for up-to-date information on feline health and behavior, including detailed advice on feeding, grooming, veterinary care, litterbox training, and the special needs of kittens, older cats, and cats from a shelter. With more than 450 illustrations and photos, and an easy-to-use guide to the personalities, characteristics, and idiosyncrasies of the fifty most popular breeds, this handy volume offers real, reliable answers to all of your questions about cats.
Customer Review: Very good book
This was a really good book. The author did a good job at explaining the behaviors of cats. He also points out which breeds are good in which homes. The color pictures are just beautiful... and some are extremely funny. I highly recommend this book to anyone that has even a smidgen of interest in cats. There are so many breeds that I did not know even existed! He also shows pictures and descriptions of mixed breed cats and even points out the benefits of spaying and neutering! So full of information. It had me in awe and I thought I already knew alot. I HIGHLY recommend this book!
Customer Review: The cat's meow of guides...
As anyone who knows me knows, I have cats. I seem to attract them, well, like cats! I have cat joys and cat tragedies especially prominent in the past few years, with two outdoor disappearances and one indoor death, yet with wonderful new additions and the experience of sharing my home with seven new kittens born under my desk one summer, and five more from a different stray the next summer. I had always considered cats low maintenance, essentially self-sufficient. This was a requirement to me, as I'm not home very often, and when I am, I can't spend too much time on cat duty. This was the reason I opted for cats over dogs. I was raised a dog person. But dogs require attention several times a day. Sorry, can't do it... Well, with all that happened in the past year, I found that cats, while generally low-maintenance, have periods nonetheless in which they need special care and attention (even if, like Emma, they don't really want it). Thus, being a person in the education mode, I decided I needed to learn more. It just so happened that one of my book clubs was offering the ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats, so I ordered it. This has been a gem of a book. It is complete, concise yet filled with information, well organised, colourful and picture-ful, durable (slick coating on the covers and a finish on the pages means the cats can walk across with dampened paws and not destroy the book, useful when it is opened when I attending their needs). The first section discusses how and when to bring a cat home. It addresses such issues as cats and kids, preparing the home for a cat, your own readiness, and which kind is most appropriate for which environment. It also discusses what to do when welcoming your new friend into the home. Food, vet care, litter (to box or not to box, ah, that is a question!), and how to introduce new cats to other cats is discussed. The second section is a reference guide to cat breeds. In addition to specific breeds organised alphabetically (Abyssinian to York Chocolate) it talks about coat palettes and patterns, colourations, paw and toe issues, and special needs. The breed section identifies special grooming and dietary needs, lap- and kid-friendly breeds, energy, and of course, wonderful photographs of representative cats for each breed. Section three gives a bit of biological and physiological information, about cats, as well as (if it is possible!) some insight into the psychological functioning of cats. Are they really that smart? Are they really that clean? It addresses mating habits and catnip addictions, too! The fourth section has been the most important to me, Taking care of your cat. It discusses briefly everyday feeding and care, but then has a good section on potential health concerns, what to do in the case of injury and illness, gives home nursing tips (important with Emma), and how to deal with both the beginning and end of the lifespan, which, with new kittens in the bedroom and a declining Emma in the living room, I was dealing with both ends of the spectrum. This is an excellent one-volume reference to cats, useful for anyone who cares for cats. The appendices have glossaries, telephone numbers and resources, and recommended readings to continue a feline-related education. But, if you just pick this one up for the pictures, it would be worth it for that too. And you might just learn something along the way--always a plus.

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