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admin 09-29-2006 07:59 PM

Cat Care: 101 Essential Tips (101 Essential Tips) in a nutshell.
The step-by-step series that brings expert advice at an affordable price. Gives quick answers to all questions. Each point can be absorbed in an instant.
Customer Review: An ideal book for first time cat care neophytes (like moi)
We got a kitten this month, although I had nothing to do with the decision. I was given a kitten and told not to do anything bad to it. My primary goal has been to avoid being bitten or scratched. However, having vivid memories of the less than distinguished survival rate of various goldfish and one title in my youth, I am rather nervous about bearing partial responsibility for a mammal. Fearing for the life of the kitten (her name is Kiara) I was given "101 Essential Tips: Cat Care." Obviously the first several tips, dealing with "How to Choose a Cat" are water under the bridge, but the "Housing and Handling" and "Feeding Tips" sections have been a big help. I certainly feel that I can now pretend that I know what I am doing in those limit areas and do not feel the need to be up to speed on Grooming, Health, Nursing and First Aid at this point in time. However, I am now diligently studying the "Understanding Your Cat" unit, although I have reason to believe a kitten is not the same thing as a cat. This is not an ultimate guide to keeping a cat alive, but it is definitely ideal for a neophyte such as myself. As advertized this book gives quick anwers to not only obvious questions but those you need to know about. The tips by Andrew Edney and David Taylor are ineed easy to absorb and I have given Kiara more than 10-15 minutes of fun work out each day (she likes to leap high at dangling objects and to attack giant roles from wrapping paper). Down the road I will probably be interested in some large tome with more details, but for now this little book with all the pretty pictures is exactly what I need.
Customer Review: Quick Answers for Indoor Cats
No, this is not quite The New Encyclopedia of the Cat by Dr. Bruce Fogle, but it does contain some helpful answers for someone who has just found a new cat and needs fast answers. If you want to know how to choose a cat, lift and hold a cat, train a cat to use a litter box and know what to feed your new pet...then this book will tell you all you need to know. This also includes Feeding tips, a grooming guide, understanding your cat, health checks, taking care of a sick cat and first aid tips. There is a section on allowing a new cat outdoors. It explains cat doors, common outdoor hazards and knowing when your cat is ready to go outdoors. Cats are actually very easy to care for and give you a ton of love in return for your attention. Some of the best toys are rings you find around the milk top from the milk jugs or a piece of string with a feather on the end. Cats love to play and will amuse themselves for hours on their own if they have a feline friend. I recommend you find two kittens at the same time. Two balls of fur are the most fun and will give you plenty of laughs.


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