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admin 09-29-2006 07:59 PM

Internet for Cats for Cats will give your precocious felines everything they need to prowl the information highway. They'll learn how to trample keyboards, use cat ESP on gopher servers, take control of a mouse, and send other cats spicy e-mail. Plus you'll learn how YOU can find your way to all the coolest cat stuff on the Internet.
Customer Review: Me and my cats just loved it!
I am a littel swedish girl,whit three cats. I bought this book and I love it. It is soo fun and my cats also thougt so. Im not very good at English,but I understand the book anyway. I just hope that you have so mutsh brain that you buy this apsolutly wunderful book. Wrigt too my cat if youýd like. Bye bye!
Customer Review: The most entertaining, informative book on Cats !
Take a great trip with Judys' friend Bubbles through the Internet. Enough humor to leave you in tears and a great collections of Cat links. I will never tire of reading it, but may have to purchase additional copies because of worn out pages and Cat chews!


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