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Default 202 Pets' Peeves: Cats and Dogs Speak Out on Pesky Human Behavior

Customer Review: Two savvy spokespets explain it all for you
Ask not what your pets can do for you; ask what you can do for your pets! If our cats and dogs could talk, you can bet they'd have more than a few complaints about us to get off their chests. Veteran magazine writer and "self-proclaimed pet expert" Cal Orey has channeled her dog Dylan's and cat Kerouac's biggest issues into a briskly readable, amusingly useful catalog of all the things they wish we knew. Researched with animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians, 202 Pets' Peeves is a refresher course for knowledgeable pet lovers and a checklist for humans just starting out with their very first "fur child." When it comes to pet nutrition, Orey thinks outside the can. Chuck that yucky generic budget kibble and share a little of that raw hamburger you're cooking for dinner with your cat. Give your dog an occasional slice of your whole-wheat crust veggie pizza. Dylan begs, "As a pack animal, I would share my prey with you." You take vitamin supplements. Don't your pets deserve their own? Orey's sage warnings might help prevent a world of woe. With vet bills skyrocketing, pet medical insurance is becoming vital to avoid a possible heart-wrenching conflict between an unbearable financial burden and your pet's survival. Cats should be kept indoors during the Fourth of July and Halloween when they're most subject to malicious cruelty. You should have a disaster plan in place in case your pet needs to be evacuated when you aren't home. Empathy and communication are two areas where humans need work. Dylan requires "quality hugging time" and gets depressed when he's scolded, suffering "bad dog day afternoons." Kerouac urges humans to respond when he has invited interaction, but to respect his privacy when he's busy doing his own thing. Some of Orey's recommendations are debatable. Kerouac craves a hooded litter box for privacy, but some vets warn that enclosed boxes concentrate the dust that cats kick up around their mouths and noses. And it's hard not to raise an eyebrow at: "To experience an after-life dog reunion, contact a pet psychic who specializes in contacting deceased pets." But 202 Pets' Peeves' strength lies in its rich diversity of pet-related topics, its provocative get-you-thinking style, and its creative solutions. How bout fitting your dog with a pair of kids' swimming goggles to protect its eyes during head-out-the-window car rides? Or, rather than declawing, fitting your cat with Soft Paws nail caps? Or installing a fish-tank screensaver for kittie's diversion? (Oddly, Kerouac fails to demand the greatest cat toy around: the laser pointer, which allows humans to run their felines all over the house while reclining in a strategically located easy chair.) Copious resource references help you find everything from animal behaviorists to doggie daycare to the Alley Cat Rescue website. So listen to Dylan and Kerouac, two of the savviest "spokespets" around, and they'll help you make everybody's life smoother, safer, and more satisfying.
Customer Review: 202 Pet Peeves - a big hit at my house
The book is great...I am having a hard time getting it away from my 12 year old who insists on reading it first. Last night she stayed up late finishing the cat peeves...and called me into her room to read several to me. My 9 year old has claimed second read! They love reading it to me though so I might just get the book read by listening to them read it to me! For anyone who owns a pet-our beloved friends-this book is a must have!

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