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Unread 05-15-2006   #1 (permalink)
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Default A few true cat storys...

These are my own storys NOT to ever leave this fourm...

Counts Journeys.
The story of a little girl and her kitten.
I had a little sick Black kitten called Count... His eyes were a little bit sticky. So somehow he fell into our slurry pit! I heard crying (I can recognise my cats by their Meow!) coming for the S pit direction so as I got nearer so did the crying I noticed that and ran to the S pit Finding Count in the middle of it going to the deep side I ran to get my Mother & Brother although I never used their help my brother was told to get a ladder and I talked to my mother about it was suppose to get him out when he started toward me a little then carried on going to the deep side I noticed and started calling him ''Count!'' ‘’Count!’’ He started wearily swimming to me until he was in reach I grabbed him and held him consideringly close (HE WAS COVERED IN COW POOP!) so the first thing I did was give him a piece of ham then a BATH! phew U (smelly cat!) Few weeks later he disappeared (ovoisly dead…)
I was very upset and all I have now is the memory of that loving kitten that trusted me with his life to lead him out of danger.
I will miss him and never be able to forget him. The End.
By CatzXena.

The Tales Of Margaret Angelina Gollum.

One day I was feeding my cats when I heard faint mewing, to my great surprise I found a very small tortishell kitten! As the days turned in to weeks and the weeks turned in to months her mother Boots Gollum (Boots is an all black cat no boots whatsoever!) was only slightly caring for her! So she got really skinny and almost died but... DUH DON Claire to the rescue!
I saved her and she bearly survived!! :O!!
Later on I changed her name to Maggie Angie Goll, (for short)
She REALLY got much better and WOW she was a ''Wild Child''!
(She dives at my face and hands with claws unretracted! she treats me like a kitten she bites me I bite her only fair! She dives and scratches me I do also. I am just her big sister \playmate!)
Then I changed her name to Xena warrior princess (Sorry It's a habit I can NEVER decide!) then she got worms went in to a height place where my unsuspecting mother writing a letter got glazed with kitty sick then she started getting sick WORMS! YUCK! After the worms I changed her name to Pepper THEN she started coughing up BLOOD! THEN!!! \I changed her name back to Maggie and finally she got better and now is fully recovered and back to her usual self! I WILL NEVER CHANGE HER NAME AGAIN!!!

Hope you liked it!!!
love CatzXena, Maggie and furry friends!

The Royals.
I had a black cat called Princess She had a bib.
She lived in a cow-transporting trailer in which I had no idea that she did. One day I heard Mewing. Coming from the trailer so I peeked in and to my Great surprise I found in it Princess and three kittens! About 11 days old? One was Black & white I named him Whiskey and there was a tabby and white, which I called Charlie. (Male) and last of all the girl. Whiskers she was almost all black except for a little bit of white on her paws, chest and tail. I fed Charlie, Whiskey, Whiskers and Princess everyday but they got “STICKY EYES’! OH NO! And I had to treat them but Princess got REALLY SICK! She got a blocked up nose a chesty cough and very skinny so she started abandoning them one at a time first Whiskers. Then Whiskey then Charlie. But not all that quickly... I started feeding Whiskers through a Syringe and I kept her in the house then the others died. After months they were all dead Princess lived longest Whiskers 2nd and Charlie 3rd and first of all Whiskey.
I was really sad at their little funeral attended by me and my mother they were buried and had Primroses by their little grave I will never forget them I just wished I’d have taken pictures of them for I only have one of Charlie.
I tried everything I could but obviously it wasn’t enough I am very well prepared now because I have found out what they need.
I hope that no more cats will die now that I have this new-found knowledge.
Thank you for taking the time to read it.
And now that I have this knowledge I will not let anymore die.
These have just been some stories not nearly all sadly.
Thank you,
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