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davizona 06-20-2012 10:47 AM

am I wrong or mean................
I have a wonderful female cat named Lucy.
I got Lucy from the local shelter about 4 years ago when I was single. I had Lucy spayed and have kept up on all her shots.I feel she is quite healthy.
I started a serious relationship with someone about 2 years ago, who we found out later was allergic to lucy. My new partner was quite miserable in the apartment that all 3 of us stayed in.
We bought a new house, and decided to give Lucy her own room in the house as opposed to giving her up. She stays in the Arizona room in the back of the house. It's air conditioned, clean, and quite large. She has a catbed, a small 'house' she can hide in, lots of toys, and I feel she is completely spoiled.
There is a glass sliding door that seperates that room from the rest of the house.
Lucy gets the best of attention, she eats well although I moderate her food intake so she doesnt get fat. She has a large glass door that looks out into our small yard. And I take her frequently to get her fur thinned out and her nails trimmed.
I look at her standing at the inside glass door though and wonder if what I'm doing is right or fair to her.
I guess I could look at it like the alternative for her could be a lot worse if I had gotten rid of her, but I just cant help but feel a little guilt for keeping her secluded to one room.
Should I feel bad?????:confused:

Amethyst 06-20-2012 01:49 PM

I don't think that you are wrong or mean! As long as you spend some time with your cat in the room! I had a cat named Princess that I kept in one room all the time because my bro is alergic and found that moving stuff around in the room kept her interested in all of it and playing with it! :)

kskat 06-20-2012 06:48 PM

If that is working for him, could you get her a playmate?

acerlt 06-21-2012 08:19 AM

Cats are sociable animals and need company and interaction. How much time do you really spend with her? Do you work outside the home? When you are home, do you spend all your waking hours in that room, playing with her, reading or watching TV in there, so she can curl up on your lap or near you? Do you eat your meals in there?

There are other things you can do besides isolate her from the family, to make things better for her.

Tell the boy friend to get shots or take pills.

Vacuum daily to control loose fur lying around, and wipe her down every day with a damp cloth to wash off the dander.

Dander is what people who have allergies to cats are allergic to. Dander is what forms on the fur from a cat's saliva, when she washes her self. Wiping her down will help cut down on the amount of dander on her fur.

Keep her in her room, when you aren't home and when you are sleeping, that also will cut down on how much fur is spread around, and just let her into the rest of the house when you are home. Wipe her down before she joins you in the living room.

Keeping her out of the bedroom would be as far as I would be willing to compromise. She was there first and should be allowed to be with you when she wants to be.

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