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Default Declawing

There was a time when I was playing with my cat. He loves to play with balls of yarn and pip-cleaners. I had him in my arms one day and the pip-cleaner was on top of the china cabinet. As i went to grab it he tried grabbing it as well. Doing this, his nail went straight through my bottom eyelid. Would you guys recommend getting the cat declawed, or is it just something that can be avoided?
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Absolutely not! Declawing is banned in 44 countries around the world, it is inhumane. It mutilates the cat.

Declawing is not "removal of the claws", it is amputation of the last digit on every toe. It is extremely painful (the cats scream for hours when they come out of anesthesia).

The cat is crippled for life. Cats walk on their toes, it's called digitigrade. When you cut off the toes, they have to walk on unsupported bone, that was never meant to hold their weight. Their entire stance and gait is altered creating chronic pain in their joints, legs, and back above and beyond the pain in their feet.

Biting and litter box avoidance is common.

There is a movement in the USA and Canada to ban this mutilating procedure in the last two countries holding out. We've had a rough time of it because vets make an enormous profit from declawing cats. They w don't want to give up the gravy train.

And don't be swayed by laser declawing as a "humane alternative" The laser burns deep into the bone, often leaving bone infections inside, unseen by the human, which fester for years while the cat simply suffers in silence. It is still amputation of the last toe digit, it still cripples the cat for life.

Declawing a cat because of an accident like you describe would be like cutting off a child's fingers because the child knocked over a glass and you got cut cleaning it up.

Learn how to handle your cat so these kind of accidents don't happen. Lean how to trim her claws every few weeks to keep them dull. Provide adequate scratchers around the house for her to exercise on. Scratching is very important to a cat, it's not just "sharpening" their claws.

They scratch to communicate, for exercise, to relieve stress, and to remove the dead sheathes, to name a few reasons.

Please visit end cat declawing | animal welfare | The Paw Project

and watch their Documentary.

Visit City the Kitty's facebook page

for more information also. The Paw Project has special vets, trained to do paw repair surgery and they can't keep up with the work, cats dumped after declawing because of "behavior problems" are in so much pain, from bone pieces left in the paw, festering infections, bone and claw regrowth poking through the pads, the list of suffering goes on and on.

So far only 8 cities in the US have banned the practice, but the list of vets who are no longer doing it is growing daily, thank goodness.

There is a bill in New York State to ban the practice. I hope you will learn all you can and join our fight to end this horrible mutilation of cats, forever.

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