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poohbear1978 04-16-2007 08:35 AM

my 1 yr old cat died from recalled cat food?
I have three cats and only one died. My baby Max he was a one year old male tabby. Every Sunday I give my cat Max a can of price choppers brand wet cat food. Usually the other two cats try to get into it but I put him on the counter to eat it because my other two are to young to eat wet. It upset the digestive system. So Max ate his can of food what he didn't eat I through out. He was fine all night. I went to bed woke up in the morning and he was throwing up and he couldn't walk. I was freaking out. I said to myself I will take my son to school and then rush Max to the vet. There was no hope by the time I dropped my son off at school and returned home Max was already gone. There was no mention yet of tainted cat food. So I took him to the local pound and had him cremated. Two days later I was watching the news and to find out that I killed my cat by giving him his favorite Sunday treat. I wan't to sue these bastards for killing my cat but how can I prove that it was them

Immortal 04-16-2007 09:07 AM

do u still have a tin of foon?

YoungShyCareerGirl 04-16-2007 10:45 AM

I am not sure that you can at this point, as the cat was cremated and any evidence of tainted food in his system is likely lost, but I'm not positive. Did you perhaps save the can the food was in? That would have the number of the can on it to show that it was tainted. I am really sorry about your cat. This whole situation is just awful, and I hope they catch whatever jerk hurt and killed so many pets.

DCMerkle 04-16-2007 11:17 AM

Like everyone has said, it's going to be hard to prove unless you have the ashes or a can of the food.

There's a mass law suit in progress, but to be honest with you it's going to be something that will be in litigation for years until a final decision is made. If the owners of the cats, nationwide, win the monetary award will never amount to the grief that everyone has gone through.

Losing a cat this way is hard, it's very hard. Joining the law suit might be a way for you to work through the grief, but that is something that you will have to decide.


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