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Unread 05-03-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default Why is everybody against all dog and cat foods? There are still safe and

good products!? I graduated from Suny Canton with a degree as a Vet Tech, so many people are wanting to feed dogs and cats human diets, which is horrible! No matter what you do you can not give them all they need in their diet this way! I dont see why people cant trust companies like Eagle Pack who has been around for 33 years with NO recalls and Only Benefits. This is what we recomend at our animal hospital because its safe and amazing, so this is my question, WIll you do your pet a huge favor and check out used to be an amazing product until Wal Mart got into the prodcution of, same goes for Iams, now they contain by-products that are hard to digest and have little to no protein, they contain artifical preservatives, colors, flavours...that cause liver, kidney, and allergy problems. It is proven to lower the health levels of dogs, its a junk food now, and not all of it is safe, Purina is a main cause of kidney failure in cats and the cause of so many of our paitents allergies! is their statement on how safe they actually are!!i will put my life on this product! it saved my diabetic, horrible allergic llaso ahpso from renal failure!!
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Unread 05-03-2007   #2 (permalink)
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It may all be true, HOWEVER, people still have a problem trusting or accepting that their pets could have died as a result of shoddy business practices. Its common sense to still be a little leery about the companies affected by the recall.It is COMPLETELY possible to feed your cat and dog fresh foods from your super market as a part of their diet. Since you are a vet tech. you should know that any patient can come into your office and talk to the veterinarian about setting up a comprehensive diet plan for pets W/OUT using commercially processed foods.
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