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Unread 08-13-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default Help! Cat peeing on carpets!!!!

So I am new to this forum but am really in need of some help. We have a 3 year old rescue cat, Tigger, who is constantly peeing in the corners of my carpeted rooms. We have replaced the carpet in 2 rooms already and this is getting out of control. We have 2 cats both male, fixed and declawed. So he isn't trying to get outside. I have 2 litter boxes and only use unscented arm&hammer litter. Both cats are on C/D because one (the one that is not peeing) have a horrible blockage that cost over $4000 to resolve. Tigger had a bladder problem about 8 a year ago and was peeing blood so the vet put him on the C/D then. No more problems with the blood but all of a sudden he is peeing on the carpets again. If I lock him in the bathroom with a litter box he uses it but when he can roam he doesn't. What should I do????

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Unread 08-13-2007   #2 (permalink)
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Its so hard when cats do this as they are creatures of habit.
Have you taken him back to the vet for a check up, maybe a course of antibiotics is in order.
I would try finding a good enzymatic cleaner which will kill the enzyme in his urine which is encouraging him to keep returning to his favourite corners. Many cleaners only mask the smell to human noses but cats noses are more sensative.
I think you may need to keep him in a confined space like your bathroom and gradually increase the amount of space slowly keeping an eye for tell tale signs that he needs to urinate. When you go out keep him in the bathroom until you trust him. Hopefully he will get into the habit of always using the litter tray. Every time he goes to a corner rush him to his litter tray. He may get a bit fed up of this you may too but you will need to persivere.
Is there any anxiety between the two cats? If there is maybe a Feliway diffuser would help put them at ease . It may help with the urinating problem if he does it out of stress.
I hope some of this is of some help to you ...Good luck!
Angelkiss x
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