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Unread 06-10-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Possible Food Problem

This is just a heads up and warning to those who own cats, particularly males. It is about the possible problems with Purina Cat Chow. This is what actually happened to our cat, Overgaard, and what I have learned from my veterinarian and the internet.

On March 4, 2008, Overgaard became very listless and would cry when petted. This was in the afternoon so I figured we would wait until the following morning to see how he was doing. He was no better so I took him to our veterinarian.

He checked his abdomen and said his bladder was huge. Obviously it was not emptying. The first thing the vet asked was what kind of food I was feeding him. I had been feeding him Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula since he turned one. He was now about two years old.

Without hesitation, the vet said the food was the problem. He told me that male cats have a susceptibility to produce crystals in their bladders which can clog the urethra. He said the high “ash” content in Purina was the problem and contributes to that susceptibility.

I did some research, as I had never heard of this, and found it to be a controversial subject. The conclusion I’ve come to is that my vet is correct. He also says he does not personally know of any other vets who don’t also believe this to be a problem. Overgaard spent three days in the hospital. Although much better now, he is still not 100%. This is June 10.

I was outraged about this. Not only because of paying over six hundred dollars, but, more important that Purina does not see fit to include some kind of warning on the packaging. Perhaps urging owners of male cats to discuss this with their vets first.

I ended up filing a claim with Purina which was handed over to Sedgwick CMS who handles their claims. After going around in circles for several weeks with them, leaving messages and not getting any response, I finally got an offer in the mail. They, in essence, said that the food has no problems and that my, and all the other vets, are wrong. What I found particularly interesting was that they said in the letter to me how important diet is. Well duh. That’s what I and my vet is saying. They went on to offer me $250 to basically shut up about it. I would have had to sign, and have notarized a release form taking all my rights away, including even speaking of it anymore. Naturally I turned it down.

So, that’s the story in a nut shell. All I ask is for anyone reading this to be cautious. Ask your vets advice on what to feed your cats. Make an informed decision. As to store bought brands, my vet says AIMS is a very good brand. Once Overgaard is off the prescription food he is on now, I will be switching him to that. I certainly will never feed him Purina again and urge others to do the same.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me at .
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Unread 06-12-2008   #2 (permalink)
Many Paws
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Hopefully Overgaard will continue to improve healthwise. I'm so sorry.

As for Purina, all I can say is, it is C R A P. I am a product specialist for cat and dog food, working with a company that sells all natural, human grade food. There is not one positive thing I can say in regards to Purina; just, if your pets are on it, get them off of it immediately.
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