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Unread 07-22-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Cat lovers listen to this and be amassed…

We have a wonderful lovable cat. Her name is Bianca but of course we call her in many ways. This is
because we think that the words are never enough to express our love for her.
Bianca is 15 years old white Turkish Angora and until midd june/2008 she was doing well.
One morning the problem sneak in unexpectedly. She become restless and went many times in her box littler
without any result. We started to monitor her, because we felt that something is wrong with her. Every
time she went into the litter box she will came out meowing as if in pain. Finally we noticed that some
blood was eliminated, but we were not sure of the source but soon we concluded that is not from urinating.
Of course we run to the vet. They took her blood. We had to wait a day for the results.
We went home with our poor Bianca. We were convinced that some of the problem could've been related to
the food. We fed her with moist food from the can. She loved the salmon and tuna.
We start researching the net about any problem with blood in the stool. We found out to our horror that the
small can's lid (pop-top type) is lined inside with plastic, which if in contact with fish will develop hyperthyroidism to the pets.
Of course we throw away all those cans. And surprise surprise she was OK next day, no more blood.
But her stool was thin and a bad color.

We start giving her moist food in the pouch, and yes she was sick again, blood and pain.

We went back to the vet and they let us know that she has hyperthyroidism. We asked the vet to have her
on x-ray. We were convinced that her intestine might be plugged.
After long arguments the vet gave in. On her x-ray we notice a very long and dark matter at the beginning of
her intestine. We pointed that out and the vet said that is ok. We insisted that is not ok, it look to us that the
intestine was plugged with old hair, but the vet's mind was made up. He insisted that we should live Bianca
at the clinic for a night. We refused. At out request he gives us some powder for constipation.
We gave her that but she was sick again .
Reluctantly we start giving her the pills for hyperthyroidism.
We were very upset of the vet's incompetence. We start searching the net for an herbal treatment.
We found this site and ordered RESTHYRO for Cat Hyperthyroidism.
RESTHYRO is an herbal product, which regulates the thyroid problem and will, also cleans the body.
Bianca came back from the edge of nothingness. After 2 weeks of treatment she is doing fantastic.
She eats very good , she is once again playful and energetic and her fur is silky and shiny
as it used to be when she was young. But the most amassing thing is the big ugly thing she retched(vomited).
It happened slowly. After 3 days of treatment she start eliminating hair with every stool.
Then after a week she retched(vomited) a 6" long thick dark grey hair. This was the one we saw on the X-ray.

We are convinced that if we would've not stop giving her the bad food and if we would not give her
RESTHYRO she would be dead by now.

The stupid pills prescribed by the vet would not have helped. We give her only two pills , then we though the bottle away

Hence, people if you ever have any similar problem you know what to do. Please think twice before you give some drug
to your cat. Do your research for alternative treatment then decide. Your beloved cat's life is in your hands.
Our cats trust us. We can never say we did what we could if we will not open all the doors, if we will not ask all the questions,
if we do not educate ourselves. And the tool of all of this is right on the top of your desk. Use it.
We have all the interest as we have our pets at heart. The vet does not. All his interest is MONEY.
Their motto is "BE SICK FOR MY PROFIT".
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hello name is cheryl,what an amazing story,i'm so glad that your bianca is now well,it pays to have a second opinion if you are not happy,in this case it was your own opinion.may you have many more happy years now with your beloved bianca,bye,xxxxx
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