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Unread 08-30-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Clomicalm for cats (does anyone have any experience?)

Haven't logged on for quite a while now. Last time I spoke about one of my cats dying.
Well, since then my other cat (a persian) hasn't stopped howling and it has gotten worse since Pussum died 2 years ago.
My persian just howls really loud, a deep guttural meow over what appears to be no reason and also if I go out and come home as I walk towards my door I can hear her howling. When I turn the TV and lights out to go to bed she howls all through the night pacing up and down the house. Also when I am on the computer she gets very upset.
It is practically non-stop except for a couple of hours when she has a nap in the evening and in the morning. She doesn't seem to sleep much just walks around, meowing her head off. She wants me to open doors and when I open them she walks off the other way. She sits in the spare room and howls, even after she uses her litter tray she starts howling.
She is 18 years old now and the vet says she might be a bit senile also.
Anyway it's gotten to the stage where I feel so bad for her because she is always howling. She doesn't relax and howls practically non stop. So I finally decided to try her on Clomicalm.
Last night was the first night, and she was totally zonked out from 6pm until 6pm the next day (today). Also her pupils are really big.
I couldn't sleep last night because I thought she was overdosing until finally moments ago she seems to have come out of it.
Anyway I am too afraid to give her another dose tonight because I am afraid of her being in like a zombie state (which must not be nice for her either). It scared the living dayights out of me.
I called the vet and she said to keep her on the same dose (0.5 of a 5 mg tablet), but I am too afraid too. The vet said her body will adjust and she will not be a zonked out after a while, but she couldn't tell me how many days this sedative effect lasts. I am worried it will last too long or maybe not wear off at all.
I asked the vet if I could try her on a lower dose to begin with, but she said she must start off with half the tablet once a day for at least a week, then once she is used to it, then reduce her dose.
I told the vet there was no way I was going to give her another dose tonight because I didn't want her all drugged up like that. The vet then said if I really wanted to I could try her on a quarter of a tablet (only because I kept insisting).
I myself am on an anti-depressant and I remember my doctor starting me off on a lower dose at first then increasing it when I got used to it. I do remember the first couple of nights I took it I felt a bit drowsy, but not unconscious.
I don't know what to do!
Has anyone had any experience with their cat taking Clomicalm that could please give me some feedback?
I just don't want her to be anxious and howling all the time. It must be awful for her, it sure upsets me to see her in a distressed state all the time.
I have looked on the web for any information on Clomicalm and cats, but there only seems to be info on dogs.
Can anyone please help me?
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Unread 06-06-2009   #2 (permalink)
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I am using clomicalm with my cat. It initially has a sedative effect, which goes away after a week or so. Things were so much better for a couple of months, but she has recently gotten worse, but not as bad as at the beginning. I upped her dose, didn't notice a sedative effect, but she calmed down a bit, then started going back up. She still is below her starting level, but I'm beginning to think her anxiety is breaking through even at the higher dose.
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