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Mr.X 07-02-2009 06:29 PM

Hills K-D
Hello 1st post.

I have 3 cats the youngest a two year old male has a minor kidney problem. He has had fever and the vet treated him and we are giving amoxillin and vitamins to him. The vet said he needs to eat the Hills K-D type. All the cats are fed together. Twice a day wet food 6am/5pm i split 2 cans of fancy feast between the three and I leave dry food"good life" out all the time for them to eat at will. Yep they are overfed .
I decided to feed them all the K-D as the vet said it was ok for all of them. Also I dont have to worry about whitie sneaking some good life instead of the K-D.
The cats have gone on a hunger strike and refuse to eat the K-D wet and about 1/3 the amount they usually do with the K-D dry...

the K-D is very expensive and i dont mind buying it but they wont eat it .

The vet was out of the office today
His tech called and told me that boiled chicken with rice would be ok.
I will leave to dry K-D out for them to snack on and to get any vitamins they might not get eating the chicken and rice mix.

Any pointers or advice would be welcome.


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