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Unread 08-08-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Question Is Frontline Plus For Dogs, Safe For Cats?

I think fleas have been biting my Kitty lately (my cat's name is Kitty, not to be confusing). I know there's been at least one flea in this house, because I picked one off my leg the other day. I see Kitty scratch pretty often lately, and when I go to pet her lately, I've noticed that she has scabs around her neck so I feel sorry for her. For awhile, I used to keep Frontline on her regularly, but the cost gets to me, because locally it's around $25 for one treatment of Frontline via various vets and pet stores, so for awhile I'd go out of my way to take a half hour or so trip to the shelter where I adopted her, where they have Frontline at $10 per dose.

Long story short, I started looking online for a cheap solution, and I resorted to Ebay. I've purchased different things from Ebay plenty of times before, and I occasionally get ripped off, but I was more wary this time since Kitty's health is at stake. I found one seller who claimed to be selling Frontline Plus for cats/kittens, according to the auction, and an 8 month supply of it for less than $20. The seller had 99.9% positive feedback, so I figured they must be doing something right. I went ahead and purchased it and got it not too long ago, and what they sent was a ziploc bag containing an extra large tube of Frontline, a dropper, and a paper saying to fill it up to a certain mark on the dropper and use it... but I started looking at the tube closely (it didn't come in a box) and while it's got the Frontline Plus logo and seems to be the real deal, I did notice that printed at the bottom of the tube is a number and it says "DOG". Looking back at the auction, this is supposed to be a cat product, and it says that it's real Frontline but it would be safe to use on cats in smaller doses than what would be used on dogs, because they both contain the same ingredients.

I'm EXTREMELY hesitant here, and I haven't used it or even opened it yet... I don't know if this person's being honest (I mean they do have alot of good feedback) or just trying to make an extra buck, because the auction was kinda falsely advertised, as far as I thought I'd be getting it in a box at least... on the auction was a photo of the Frontline Plus for cats box with everything in it layed out beside it as if the photo was taken by a digital camera and not just pulled off the internet somewhere.

I'm wanting to know if it's true that Frontline Plus for dogs is safe to use on cats in small doses as the auction claims, or if I'm just being ripped off and should return it? If I'm being ripped off, is there a more trustful source of purchasing Frontline that's not at outrageous prices and doesn't involve me having to go way out of town to get it?
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Unread 08-08-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Looking at my own packages of Frontline Plus (I have both, one box for the cats, one for the dog) it appears to me that both have the same ingredients.
For the safety of your cat however, I would call the VET to ask about the dosage, do not go by the information given to you by an Ebay seller. If they sent you a product for a dog, when you wanted a product for a cat, their information obviously cannot be trusted.
Due to a cat's metabolism and weight, the dosages between dogs and cats are VERY different. The best thing for your cat is to use a cat-specific product.
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Unread 08-09-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Frontline for dogs is NOT safe for cats.
the dosage is much different, the ingredients may seem the same, but the quantities are different.

Please don't use it.

Especially as you don't even know for sure if it is frontline plus at all.

there are some dog flea treatments that are highly toxic to cats.

And one more thing. Though I am glad you are using frontline rather than an over the counter product (they are not safe and can kill your cat) when you buy frontline any place but a vet you are taking a gamble on whether you are actually getting what the box says.

The manufacturers of Frontline, Advantage and Revolution sell only to veterinarians. If you buy it any where else it is bootleg, there is no guarantee you are getting what you pay for, and there is no guarantee it is safe for your pet, and or that it will even work.

The most effective treatment to be using is either Frontline PLUS, or Revolution. both these medications kill both adult fleas and eggs, so breaking the life cycle of the flea. Advantage, and frontline without the plus, only kill adult fleas.

Chuck the stuff you got from ebay and count it as a learning experience. I don't know about other vets, but the clinic I use undersells the on line stores deliberately, so their clients will buy the real thing.

Also, when you buy a six pack, you get one monthly dose free. That is the manufacturer's promotion, not the vet. So ALL clinics should be offering it.

$25 for one dose of frontline plus sounds outrageous. I don't mean to sound...offensive, please don't take this the wrong way... Are you sure it's not $25 for one box- three doses?
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