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pjolleydd 09-13-2009 05:03 PM

Help!, our kitten is dying.
We aquired a young Himalayan (I think that is how to spell it.) She has been in fair health to my knowlege, but yesterday around 2:00 pm cst. we layed her down in the bathroom with a blanket and she hasn't gotten up since.

We called the vet and he said that the fleas she has could be making her sick. My wife gave her a bath to kill the fleas but she is not getting any better yet. I was wonderig if there was some really high protein mix I could make that could help her get some energy back which might help her pull out of this. We really don't want to see her die on us. She is taking some electrolite fluids but not having much luck with the milk, egg and honey mix the vet said to feed her.

Please help if you can!!!
Thanks a lot

lovemeow 09-13-2009 07:56 PM

I am so sorry to hear what happened. Make sure you provide a nice bed for the cat with a warmed blanket inside.

Did you try any kitten replacement milk product such as KMR. It is very easy for kittens to digest. For your kitten now, she definitely needs nutrients to help her sustain her life.

Did your kitten get really sick after the bath?

I am not sure what type of shampoo you used to bathe the kitten. There are flea shampoo products designed specifically for cats because human shampoo may contain chemicals that are not suitable for kittens. Kittens groom themselves after bath, there is a possibility of ingesting those chemicals and cause a sick kitten weaker. I hope this is not the case.

If your kitten was infested with fleas which made her sick like that, your vet should have prescribed some flea medication such as frontline or advantage. With severe flea infestation, bathing may not be sufficient.

Did your vet suggest using dairy milk for the home made kitten formula? If it is so, I would have to disagree with him because cats are pretty much lactose intolerant. Try the kitten replacement milk product I suggested above.

Hope this helps. Please keep us posted.

pjolleydd 09-13-2009 08:35 PM

Thank you for your concern, but we already put her down. She was suffering really badly. I have to do something right quick, but I will answer your questions a little bit latter this evening.

Thanks for your concern and support.

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