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Unread 12-28-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Canned Food and Table Scraps.

Edit: This is long with many question and explanations. Please bear with me.

My best friend of 18 years was a an American short hair tabby named Bubbles. I used to feed Bubbles canned cat food exclusively, and give her soft treats for snacks.

One day, after she was at least 15 years old, I noticed she started losing her teeth. A friend who lived in the country and had many cats told me it was because of the canned food I was giving the cat. The cats teeth could not stay clean with the canned soft food and she needed hard food to 'brush' her teeth.

I switched to dry cat food. 3 years later when she died it was because of an accident and I am sure barring the accident she would have lived well into her 20's.

How true is this about the canned cat food causing teeth to fall out?


Today I feed my girl "Kitty" (shes 5 years old) dry foods and I give her canned cat food (or canned chicken or tuna) as treat only.

I just saw the video telling you all the horrible things that are in dry cat food. (the one advertised here from the cat cookbook)
I do not entirely trust this video because they want to sell you their brand of cat food, which I probably cannot afford.

I am on a budget and cannot afford expensive cat food.

As a person who has studied Human health and nutrition for over 20 years I know that all cooked foods are very bad for humans. They kill most of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that we need the food for in the first place so when we eat cooked food we are getting largely empty calories with no or very little nutrition. Microwaved foods are worse for humans as they not only kill all life giving good things in foods but they chemically change the structure of foods, even water as well as radiate foods with radiation that you ingest that cause cancer. Humans should never eat store bought processed foods either because they are also denatured and without nutrition as well as full of chemicals. Anything in a can or processed or pre packaged is a human No No.

I feel that processed cat foods may suffer from these same problems.

How can you really know how good the cat food is nutritionally if it's been processed?


But We do cook our food here at home because I love meat too much to be a raw vegetarian.

Cats on the other hand in the wild do not eat cooked foods at all. Cats bodies are made to eat and digest raw meats and what ever else they feel like eating off the carcass they just killed.

Knowing how bad cooked food is for humans I hesitate to give it to my cat.

What is your opinion on cooked foods for cats?


I want to feed my cat better if possible even if I have to feed her human grade foods and never processed products, including cat foods - I do not know that I can trust them. Sometimes I wish I could let Kitty go kill and eat her own food because that would be best for her but sadly in the city and with an indoor cat this is not possible.

I do give Kitty table scraps - meats mostly but from time to time kitty has been known to eat (when we aren't looking) french fries and green beans. I would never give her french fries willingly. Kitty is well fed and I think she just thinks me and mommy (my wife) eats all different kinds of foods and she just wants different foods too.

What are the best types of table scraps for kitty?


Can I or should I give Kitty other foods besides meats?


How can I work up a diet plan for Kitty that will ensure her natural needs for raw foods like she would find in the wild - Preferably made up of human grade foods but at a cost efficient price?


Thank you for reaing this long post. I look forward to you answers.

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cats are inveterate carnivores and they do not process carbohydrates, particularly processed carbohydrates well. a quick search on google for the "catkins" diet should take you to many sources, including essays at the cornell veterinary medicine site that will fill in the specifics.

ultimately cats need a diet as close to what they would find in nature as possible, notably proteins and taurines, with some green vegetable material. i used to feed my cats a home cooked diet of chicken thighs, ground bone meal, and pureed greens but while cost comparitive to comercial wet foods it was also time consuming. if i were you i would do a google on commercial wet foods that have a high water but low ash content.
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Unread 01-02-2010   #3 (permalink)
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I think it's important to bear in mind that in the wild cats consume small prey almost in their entirity, including small bones, organs, etc. If you are going to make your cat's food yourself do plenty of research to ensure Kitty is getting all the nutrients she needs. Cats need taurine (as Bunnie mentioned) to prevent eyesight problems so you will need to include animal heart in her diet.
Most commercially available food is designed to provide a complete & balanced diet but some are better than others. Avoid dry foods with a high carbohydrate content or ones that are brightly coloured. Do some research & you should find something that suits Kitty & your pocket.
On the subject of human food while I agree with you that highly processed food is bad for us there is a theory that learning to cook food helped us evolve faster. We could digest it easier & absorb the energy more efficiently allowing our brains to develop faster.
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Cats are a mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of - Sir Walter Scott
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Unread 02-07-2010   #4 (permalink)
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A good canned food with no plant-based ingredients and some raw here and there satisfies a cat's needs perfectly. If a canned food has lots of ingredients along the lines of brown rice, barley, blueberries, and carrots, it most likely has way more carbs than your cat needs.

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