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Unread 09-12-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Angry Fleas, Mites, Worms, OH MY!!!

I noticed fleas on Moses, and began doing research on how to get rid of them.
I purchased "De Flea" spray by Natural Chemistry and have sprayed his entire body with that a few times and then washed him. Unfortunately I have not been able to clean my apartment yet. I plan on vacuuming my carpet like a mad woman, then boraxing it, then vacuuming it again, and spraying all of my furniture with De Flea. I purchased some Eucalyptus oil to be mixed in with water for an additional natural spray against fleas.

I've also been cleaning Moses' ears with Q-Tips every day finding dark brown often clumped together grainy stuff. Sometimes there is a bit of blood and I am not sure if that is from Moses or from the creature. I've put some Ivermectin (against mites) behind his ears, but I think I will need a few more applications to make this effective.

On top of that my fiance noticed Moses had diarrhea. While I was checking Moses for fleas on his stomach a white worm came crawling out of his butt!!!
Fleas, mites, worms. What have I done wrong???

We think he got the fleas from the vet when he got his neuter. Why mites and worms too though?

Obviously he needs to go to the vet now, but I am also looking for preventative measures I could take once I have him cured.
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Unread 09-12-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Please, don;'t use any more spray on Moses. Never EVER use OTC flea products on a cat. They at best are ineffective, and at worst can kill him.

OTC flea products are not safe.

Q-tips in his ears are dangerous. Where did you get the ivermectin? Be sure to tell your vet you've been using that, but don't use it any more, until Moses sees the vet. Self treating for any parasite is very dangerous.

The Eucalyptus oil is probably not safe for him either,, I would advise against using it.

Yes, he needs to go to the vet. Your vet will most likely recommend Revolution spot on flea treatment which will take care of most parasites (roundworm, hookworm, heartworm), including ear mites, and a droncit for the tape worms.

There may be more going on than mites in his ears, it could be wax, yeast or bacterial infection, or a combination of all of them.

Most vet clinics are very sterile places, and if they suspect fleas on an animal will treat the pet with a capstar. It's more likely that you tracked the fleas in on your shoes or clothes. But if you are concerned this came from the vet, by all means, mention it to your vet.

See if you can get Moses in tomorrow he must be very uncomfortable, but don't use any more of that spray. Make sure to mention the spray to your vet.

The revolution, if applied monthly, will eventually take care of ALL the fleas. In the mean time vacuum daily, and put a cut up flea collar in you vacuum cleaner (don't put the flea collar on Moses, they are toxic)

Keep us posted.

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Unread 09-12-2010   #3 (permalink)
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If Moses is an outdoor cat you will have to treat him regularly for fleas and worms.
The only thing I have to add to Acerit's excellent advice is to make sure you wash Moses' bedding and thoroughly vacuum anywhere he sleeps or grooms himself. The fleas won't live long once Moses has been treated but any eggs can lie dormant for a long time so your plan to vacuum like a mad woman is a good one!
Please don't think you have done anything wrong, both my cats have had fleas and tapeworms, luckily both are easily treated.
I suspected one of my cats had earmites when she was a kitten but it turned out just to be a build up of wax which was easily treated with some ear drops from the vet. Best to get Moses checked to be on the safe side.
Let us know how you both get on!
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