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alleygata 04-15-2011 09:03 PM

Simba is sick, please help
My 8 yo cat, Simba, started vomiting about a week or so ago. I thought it was a furball so I picked up some furball meds from Petsmart. It didn't help and every time he eats or even drinks water he vomits. Yesterday I took him to the vet and he didn't see anything wrong. He gave him IV fluid and told me to feed him rice and cottage cheese until his stomach was better. Oh, and give him Pepsid AC twice a day. He charged me $120 just for that and knowing that I'm a low income, disabled senior. Simba is still sick and won't eat the cottage cheese or rice. He never liked table scraps and I don't think he will eat this. He's hungry and I don't know what to do. My health is bad and all the money I had for the rest of the month went to that vet visit.

I rescued Simba when he was 4 weeks old (feral kitten) and he helps keep me going. We are so close and I feel terrible that I can't help him. If anyone has any advise please take a minute and post it. Thanks

acerlt 04-15-2011 09:14 PM

Please don't panic, I will try to help you.

Some questions first:

Is Simba having normal bowel movements?

Is he peeing normally?

Was the vet you saw your regular vet? What exactly did this vet do in the exam?

alleygata 04-15-2011 09:20 PM

Yes his stool and urine are normal. The vet took his temp - normal, felt stool in his bowels - normal, heart and lungs - normal, dehydrated - gave him IV fluids, mouth - normal, kidneys, liver etc - normal by touching. I couldn't afford tests and the vet didn't seem too interested in helping since he wouldn't make any money. His assistant apologized and said "he's odd", but that doesn't help Simba!

acerlt 04-15-2011 09:33 PM

Hmmm.....If he is pooping normally every day, then he must be keeping some food down, because if there is poop, he has to have eaten to create the poop and there wouldn't be any obstruction.

Had he lost any weight?

If he is peeing normally, that is a great relief too.

Does he go outside?

PS I am not a vet, but might be able to help anyway

alleygata 04-15-2011 09:51 PM

He's always been an indoor only kitty. Yes, he's lost a lot of weight. The vet said he didn't feel an obstruction.

He's hungry but the vet said not to feed him. He's vomiting bile every hour or so and he just falls over afterward. Also his eyes are watering.

He looks at me so pitiful.

I forgot to thank you, I'm sorry.

acerlt 04-15-2011 09:56 PM

An obstruction can be there, without it being felt. This could still be a hair ball issue. Hair balls can cause very serious problems, I have considerable experience with them.

How long did you use the hair ball remedy, and how often? What kind is it?

(You're welcome. Not that I've helped much yet. I do hope I can help you and Simba. I understand your distress)

alleygata 04-15-2011 10:05 PM

Simba has never been sick a day in his life but he has had hairballs. When I bring him in grass he eats it right away and in the past that has been an indication of a furball. The vet didn't seem to think it mattered though.

I only gave it to him for a few days once a day because I didn't know if it would make him worse or not. It's called GNC Ultra Mega Hairball Formula.

We have this silly game we play where I put all his toys under the dresser in a wooden tray and he reaches in and works hard to pull them ALL out and bring them to me. As sick as he is he's working on getting those toys out so we can play fetch! Acerlt, this little angel is the only family I have here.

When he wants grass he chews on the corner of bread bags and that's how he tells me. He's been doing this a lot and I don't know if I should get him more grass or not.

He even rolls over on command!!! No kidding!!

acerlt 04-15-2011 10:32 PM

Simba is a beautiful kitty. That he is playing his favorite Game is a good sign.

That GNC stuff is no good. Vegetable oil is not going to help if he is having a hairball problem. You need a petroleum based hairball formula. Can you get out to a store?

Look for laxatone or petromalt or some other hairball gel that contains either/and/or: mineral oil, white petroleum, or any combination of those as the active ingredients.

What does Simba normally eat?

I am going to send you a Private message, do you know how to access them?

alleygata 04-15-2011 10:54 PM

Yes, I'm familiar with forums.

He has always eaten Fancy Feast dry (chicken). I know it isn't the best food but it's the most I can afford.

acerlt 04-15-2011 11:03 PM

I'm not going to get on you about nutrition I promise, but some canned food would be best for him in the next day or two, because he needs as much fluid as he can get to counteract the dehydration. Starting tomorrow (following what I have PMd) I would start offering him very small meals of some canned food watered down. Just small amounts. Like, a teaspoon of food mixed with a tablespoon of warm water. If he keeps that down, an hour later offer some more. You probably only need a couple of cans to get him through the next couple of days, and then hopefully he'll be well on his way to recovering and can go back to eating what he is used to eating.

It doesn't matter if it's cheap canned food. Stay away from fishy foods.

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