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Tiger 04-18-2011 02:22 PM

digestive issues
My cat Tiger has been having digestive issues his entire life. He throws up many mornings and has very foul smelling feces. My vet has told me stress can cause it but there is nothing really stressing him out. Any advice on what to do? I try to change his diet to a holistic diet but he won't touch it.

acerlt 04-18-2011 02:48 PM

Sounds like he has food allergies or food sensitivities.

What are you feeding him?

Tiger 04-18-2011 09:40 PM

Through out his 9 years he has been fed science diet, Purina cat chow, Purina indoor, an now is on Purina one in one room. Still has the indoor formula in another. There are 2 other cats living in the house. One being my mothers. She refuses to change the food she buys. Tiger seems to do better on the days I give him Alaskan salmon as a treat. I've tried brands from petco like Wellness and Spots stew but he won't go near them. I've noted that all the food at petco has chicken in it (which he hates). I've looked for all seafood diets but they are not with out the chicken. Sad thing is he begs me for food every time I'm in the kitchen thinking I have salmon or something for him.

kskat 04-19-2011 01:33 AM

I just read your thread "Jealousy", pardon me but I would call that very stressed out!!
Did your vet actually see Tiger? From the sounds of his behavior recently I would recommend a complete check up. He may very well have a health issue that's been building up.

Tiger 04-19-2011 10:32 AM

He goes yearly or as needed. Right now my vet is trying to do as little testing as possible to try to save people money. Tiger is due for his vaccination so I'll be asking his dr a lot of questions including having a thyroid test done. Tiger is thin but at the propper weight. Someone told me he could have issues w/ his thyroid. I'll ask about Tiger's stress level too. I'm just worried. He should not have to go through this. He had cat scratch fever for roughly 7 1/2 yrs with out my knowing. The other vet would tell me that if his breathing got worse to bring him back. His actual dr finally tested him and started him on the meds. Tiger has had digestive issues for years. His behavior has changed over a course of months.

kskat 04-19-2011 11:27 PM

Have you tried Sensitive Stomach foods? Do you feed only dry food? Sounds like he does have a sensitive tummy, poor baby!
Behavior changes are a red flag for health issues. Is the living situation long term? It does sound like he needs more attention from you, he needs reassurance that he is your top cat!;)
It is nice of your vet to try and help people out, but if there are concerns then tests cannot be avoided. Waiting to run tests can let a relatively simple issue become way more serious. Saving pennies can become very expensive!
It sounds like you love Tiger and want him to be well and happy.:) Have a serious discussion with your vet, make a list of all questions (I forget half of mine without a list:oops:) You don't need every test in the books, sharing all symptoms and concerns should help figure out which ones are really needed.

Tiger 04-20-2011 11:29 PM

I only usually feed Tiger dry food. Lately I have been giving him the salmon which seems to help alittle. He doesn't throw up as much. I've been giving him attention more. He damands that I hand feed him his fish or mashed potatoes (a rare treat). Any table scraps i'd given him before I became a vegitarian had to be sent marked in my hand for him to eat. I've tried to push my mother's cat away. And show Tiger that he is number one. he and his sister chose me. I could only get one. I was 15 when I got him. I love him so much.

kskat 04-21-2011 12:24 AM

Does Tiger refuse the chicken in canned food? I'm trying to remember why it is bad to go too heavy on fish, maybe Acerlt could help here. I have heard that fish should not be the main food for some reason.:confused: Does he throw up as much on canned food?

Tiger 04-21-2011 01:12 AM

He gets fish once to twice a month. He doesn't get moist food more than once in a blue moon. My vet is highly against it due. To deltal disease and digestive problems they can get. Tiger turns down any of the new foods with chicken. I think its because of the meds and growth hormone they pump into them. He can smell it.

acerlt 04-21-2011 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by Tiger (Post 111854)
He gets fish once to twice a month. He doesn't get moist food more than once in a blue moon. My vet is highly against it due. To deltal disease and digestive problems they can get. Tiger turns down any of the new foods with chicken. I think its because of the meds and growth hormone they pump into them. He can smell it.

Your vet is very misinformed about dry and canned food. Dry food can be worse for teeth than canned food. Dry food creates crumbs which get stuck between the teeth and under the gum, then bacteria forms, then tartar, then dental disease.

Saying dry food cleans a cat's teeth is like saying you eating a cookie cleans your teeth.

While dental health is largely genetic, cats, like people, need a good home care program for their teeth. Feed a high quality wet food, use an enzymatic veterinary dental paste such as c.e.t. every day, and have professional cleanings done when needed.

Canned food is much much better for cats. It is more like their diet they were meant to eat. It provides the moisture and protein they need without the carbohydrates. It does NOT "rot their teeth" and is way less likely to cause "digestive" problems as most canned foods do not contain all the crap that is in most kibble.

Fish is not good for cats, and male cats especially, because of the heavy metals they may contain. I don't feed my cats any seafood or fish flavor cat foods.

There are canned (and dry) foods that are organic, the chicken does not contain any growth hormones. There are also limited ingredient canned and dry foods. While I am against an all dry diet, if you are going to feed dry, please at least feed a dry food that is good quality, not one full of junk.

Cats are obligate carnivores. This means they need MEAT to thrive. Many dry foods don't contain any meat at all.

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