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Default My cat straining to urinate and defecate

Hi, I have an adopted cat and this dilemma started when his body started aching (meows when touched) and his right hind leg limps but not too much. I added more meat to his diet but it had him constipated for almost 2 weeks. On those 2 weeks only small amount of poop goes out. Then the day came when suddenly he started straining too much to defecate until he was vomiting. That time poop successfully went out.

The next day I bought him to the vet because his body is still aching and he walks slow. Vet told me that his stomach is hard so he was given enema. No poop went out. Vet gave him lactulose that was good for 3 days and was given Tolfedine for 4 days. My cat then started to be active and responsive during that time but still on those 3 days he still cant poop and another complication came in when he began straining to urinate releasing only small drops of urine and exhibits frequent trips to his litter box.

I went back to vet he was given antibiotics good for 7 days.But I decided to confine him so that he can be observed. On those days he was confined he was given an enema twice. Vet said he was able to poop but he still strains and his tummy is big. So vet advised to do xray, my cat has scoliosis and has seen obstruction on his tummy. So she advised to do exploratory laparatomy.But no solid obstruction was found, only fecal material and hairball. So she said maybe my cat has neuro problems since he's scoliotic.

It's been 4 days now after his surgery and I can see he still straining to defecate and urinate. How many days will the medicine take effect? Vet prescribed him with b complex supplements, antibiotic and supplement for metabolism.

I am now worried if this case would actually have positive response since as of now I'm seeing that he is still straining, no poop and pee after he went through surgery.

Do you think there would be more underlying problem with his straining? I cant afford to lose him.

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