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Default Help!! URI Nightmare!!

Hi I recently adopted a kitten Lilo, who at the time was 8 weeks old she is now 10 weeks old. She ended up having fleas, earmites, an eye infection and a URI, I have two other cats who I kept her away from while she was sick.

She was given treatment for everything including Clavamox for 10 days. ten days have past and for the past two days she has had eye discharge again.

I called the vet and she said she could be given the eye drops again for 7 days.

Now my oldest cat Kiki who is 7 has had a URI for the past 5 days he was taken to the vet and given fluids and antibiotic.. which was Amoxcillin. some days he doesn't want to drink or eat and I have tried to force feed him, other days he will eat just fine. the antibiotic on the other hand he spits out and refuses to take he will literally keep it in his mouth and then spit it out so last night I mixed it in with his food and he ate it. today he is refusing to eat.

my third cat Peanut Butter has it and she is nearly impossible to get to the vet. I know I probably shouldn't but she has eye discharge and I have been giving her the medicated eye drops that the vet prescribed for my kitten Lilo. Today Lilo has seemed to be hot too and not wanting to play as much. I want to take Peanut Butter to the vet too but even though all my cats are indoor cats she behaves feral I cannot pick her up or even give her these eye drops without her freaking out and getting to the point that she is so stressed that she drools.

Lilo was getting better but it seems like she has taken a step backwards the vet said she cannot get the sneezing, coughing part again so soon since she just had it. I am also worried about my other cats even though Lilo and Kiki have been to the vet I'm feeling desperate because it seems like this has been an uphill battle and I have pretty much used all the money that I can spare right now. I have been also giving them L-Lysine with their food.

Is there anything more I can do and my cats won't die from this will they?
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