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danyar17 03-12-2016 07:29 PM

Need advice! please
Ok long story. On Wednesday we had a bbq in our backyard my indoor cat (Neenee) was able to run out. After a couple of hours we heard cats fighting and of course with her luck neenee was involved. We got her inside after running after her for a while. We checked her and didn't see any blood or anything. She seemed fine, ate and went to take a nap. Around 11pm we notice that she is limping and trying not to use her front left leg. I tried to examine it be she began growling. We took her to the ER. The vet examined her and did an X-ray to make sure it wasn't broken. All he told us was tht it was swollen. He gave us pain meds and antibiotics in case another cat did bite or scratch her. OK this is where my problem is. It is now Saturday and my poor Neenee is still scared to walk on tht leg, she will not eat on her own as well. She only eats from my finger which isn't enough. I also bought the supplemental milk for cats and that is all she seems to want. I even have to feed her it from a bottle. Why won't she eat? Is she traumatized from the vet? Is her leg that painful? Is it from the medicine!?is the milk enough without any other food? At this point idk what to do. Any advice on this please let me know! I am beyond worried

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