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Unread 04-10-2010   #11 (permalink)
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Default Emery Cat BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!

Be very careful when ordering this product. I just placed an order on the "official" website for the Emery Cat. The original cost is $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

But wait....order now and get two Emery Cats for $19.95 and shipping is up to $15.90.

Then the offer to purchase a second set of two Emery Cats for the low prices of $14.95. Which I thought was a good price, I would give them to my cat friends...

At check out you do not get the option to review your order before the charge is placed. This is the very important buyer beware.

So I place the order, the thank you for your oder page comes up and the total is $66.70 of which $31.80 is shipping and handling. Yes I realize that makes each Emery Cat only $16.67 but it's the principle of the thing. Almost $32.00 in postage and handling. That and the slimy way the website does not give you a review page before your credit card is charged.


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Unread 12-13-2010   #12 (permalink)
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Angry OMG... i can't believe you are considering de-clawing!!!

don't you realize that when you de-claw a cat you are taking off their fingers from the first knuckle? that's torture and absolutely inhumane. it shouldn't even be used as a last resort, it would be better if you found a new home for your cats with someone who wouldn't consider such barbaric behaviour.

take your cats to the vet and have their front claws trimmed from time to time, this costs about $10. then, learn how to TRAIN your cats to not claw your furniture, or buy them tons of other stuff to scratch. having scratches on your body is often just a fact of life when you own cats, especially if you don't trim their claws yourself or have a vet do it...

on the original note, the emery cat product does NOT work to trim the cats' claws, i have this item and though my cats do love it, their claws are not shorter or less sharp. i am also worried about what chemicals the product may have, considering it's made in China and there are no "ingredients" listed on it. i am going to throw mine away, and buy more of those corrugated cardboard cat scratching boards that my cats also love.

please think again before de-clawing your cats, how would you like your fingers cut off at the first knuckle? there MUST be a better solution...

Originally Posted by Jane Phillips View Post
I know the feeling! I, too, have a long 2-inch scar on my forearm. UGH. I want to have both of my cats de-clawed in the front but right now, I'm unemployed. I've been told over $300 for just one cat. I think de-clawing is the only answer. I've tried cat-proofing my home but Capone and Dillinger still get into everything. Some of it wood antiqiue furniture (that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother) that they have decided to use as scratching posts. Maybe I can work a deal with the vet to pay off the bill when I get a job! Of course, in these days, that may be awhile!

Aunt Kitty, Thanks for letting me know that the emery boards do not work. I was considering buying one. Now I know the only route is to have "my boys" declawed in the front. They are both indoor cats only. All of my cats over the years have had their front claws taken away. I like them to keep their back claws, JUST IN CASE they happen to get outside. That's kind of difficult, since I live on the second floor of a three story building. Now, it's just a matter of figuring out HOW to pay for it!
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