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kat 11-03-2010 07:25 AM

Hey guys... sorry I have been so quite, I have been busy with exams... my kitties are doing so very well... and since I've been at home a lot, on study leave etc, they have been loving having me around so much!

Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this thread is because a very strange thing has been happening with my husband.

My cats don't urinate/pooh on carpets etc, in fact Sasha never uses her litter box, she enjoys the natural feeling of a flower bed, every morning she runs to the door for me to open, because I bet she's bursting from being inside the whole night. And first thing she does is run to her favourite flower bed and do her business. Dizi is very good with the litter box and has NEVER made the mistake of using the carpet or furniture to spray... I think he is still to little anyway... So, we think that strange cats have been coming into our house and spraying, everytime my husband enters the living room his nose starts running, like a tap... and it is only when he smells cat urine... is this possible, or is it in his imagination? I mean, I can smell the urine too sometimes, and we have sprayed the couches and furniture with "Get off" spray... but the smell is still there... and now, when my husband gets a runny nose he blames it on cat urine...

Just want your opinions as to whether this is possible, or all in his head? Can allergies occur from cat urine? Also, he doesn't clean the litter trays, so with our cats he's fine... its just when he walks into the room after another cat has sprayed... :confused:

supersmithy 11-04-2010 05:46 PM

Not sure about being allergic to cat urine, never heard of that - but anything is possible. I am allergic to Pixie, I take an antihistamine most days as when she comes on my lap and I pet her I get itchy eyes and a runny nose.

So he might think it's the urine but it could be a coincidence and it may be due to fur?

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