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Question Unanswered: Pregnant, or False Pregnancy? Help! I'm Worried!

I am currently caring for a cat that I thought was pregnant, but now I am questioning whether or not she really is. Before I get into it, please know, she will be getting spayed after her pregnancy, and I will also be fostering these kitties until they find fur-ever homes.
So...what I know is that the kitty was witnessed, uh, experiencing kitty love, 65 days ago. She came to me shortly after that. She did vomit a few times. I think 4 times in all. She also began eating more after a few weeks, and gaining weight. Her nipples never did get pink, or swollen. She seems sensitive about having her belly touched, so I have tried to mostly leave it alone, but a few times I did gently place my hand on the side of her belly, and it felt much harder than when she first arrived, and I thought it felt lumpy too. Last week, I even thought I felt a small movement. She has been sleeping pretty much all the time unless she is eating or going to the bathroom. She is no longer eating as much, and seems to eat smaller, more frequent amounts. She is very affectionate, but she has been that way since her arrival. I made her two birthing boxes to choose from, and yesterday she was checking them out a little bit, but that is about the only sign I have seen of any impending labor. This morning I checked her nipples again, (no easy task with her long fur) and they are still very tiny and white. I also tried to gently feel her belly, and though it did still feel hard, it was hard to feel any distinct lumps or shapes. Of course, I was trying to be super gentle. My boyfriend said he doesn't think she was ever pregnant, and I am probably just noticing weird things because I assumed she was. I also read that cats can have a false pregnancy, and seem pregnant even though they really aren't. I'm feeling very uncertain now. I took in a pregnant cat a few years back, and she never did gain any weight, and her nipples also never did turn pink or swollen until after she gave birth. She also didn't have any differences in personality. I was not even sure she was pregnant until she gave birth, which she chose to do on my beige couch. Lol. My boyfriend also cared for a pregnant cat a few years back, and he claims she had very obvious signs, and you could both see, and feel the babies kicking. He feels sure this cat is not pregnant, and he claims she has just gotten fat and lazy because I "coddle her too much."
So what do you guys think? Am I just crazy? Could it be a false pregnancy? I do know that a cat shouldn't be left pregnant over 70 days. Is it possible for a cat to be pregnant, and then re-absorb the babies because of a complication? I wasn't planning on taking her to the vet unless she goes past 70 days, so now I am second guessing everything, and worrying like crazy. If it is just a false pregnancy, no big deal, since that is nothing dangerous, but I worry about other complications. Please share your stories, advice, and wisdom, so I can maybe relax a little. Thank you for your help.
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