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Default Unanswered: Trying to find the most ideal breed?

Hi, I'm 27 and work from home, spending a lot of time at a PC (easily 10+ hours a day). I'm trying to determine which breed would benefit the most from my lifestyle, and vice versa. I'll keep my eye on a few shelters, but purebreds seem to be a bit more predictable in terms of personality traits from what I've seen?

I'd prefer a cat that enjoys sitting on your lap (or on top of the chair near your head) often, or for long periods. Anywhere from 1-7 out of 10 on a vocal scale, and that would enjoy playing every 1-3 hours whenever I take a break. I think a one-person or family cat would be better than a highly aloof personality; one that follows you around, takes an interest and/or joins in whatever you're doing. I tend to like intelligent and energetic animals, which is unfortunate because I'm rather sedentary myself; so they'd have to be somewhat demanding about playtime, or nag me to take more breaks (which I could definitely use).

Shedding isn't an issue, and there's no other pets or children, although more cats is a possibility at some point. I've been looking at the following breeds, pretty much in that order:

Somali, Turkish Angora, Balinese, Javanese, Ragdoll, Turkish Van, Birman.

I'd love to hear any suggestions or personal experiences.

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Hi dear! ^^
I would recommend you a Norwegian forest. They are quite big and really kind. They love human contact.
If you want, you can come to my youtube channel and see them. I have 6 cats and kittens. this is my link ^^ https: //www .youtube .com/watch?v=wguP3qVqzB8
I left some spaces as you can see because I don't know why I cannot post my link
Anyway, have a look if you like cats and if you want to have a healing and relaxing time ^^ <3
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