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mike1024 02-23-2014 06:17 AM

The journey of the gentle giants - chapter two - Snorri
The journey of the gentle giants - chapter two - Snorri part 1

Her arrival made a good deal eddies. Nobody had believed more that Leif Erikson would ever return. All ran it to the beach, when the ship was sighted. Slowly the ship the fjord approached up, until it accumulated finally crunching on gravel. But all held respectfully distance as Leif, followed of Tyrkir as the first from the ship jumped. The cats had remained in the houses or wandered in the area. Still it did not interest it, which humans at the beach drove. In the evening humans pushed themselves in the meeting hall. \n Nearly everything was to be heard come around Leif's report and also some cats had comfortably furnished itself. They knew these meetings, those took place more frequently and took many stroke lovingly and also make delicacies.
For a long time they sat in the large hall, and Leif told of its trip. Nearly all cats were in the hall, in whose center a large fire burned. Except BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari and Geyfa were there still テ]テヲgja, Bjテカsa, Draumsテスn, Farfテコs, Fjテカlmテウテーur, Hugljテコfur and still some different. Curious they listen to the narrations Leif's and its men. To deep into the night they sat in the large hall and in such a way again and again asked the inhabitants of the settlement Leif for certain things in its Saga, particularly over Vinland. Later one saw many going thoughtfully home.
BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari had seen, exactly like Geyfa, Vinland and although there much different was, he would return gladly with Leif there. And perhaps they would carry still some cats forward. The winter came and with it cold weather and the darkness. For the Vikings the seal hunting became more with difficulty and also the cats found hardly still booty now. Much to undertake they could not do and it became them, as in each winter rather boring. They always drove their practical joke with the men and women, but the winter stretched endlessly. But also the longest winter goes once in the end and in such a way came short spring. The ice was broken and it could the sea.
In the end the winter the Vikings began to equip their ships. Three were it, one load ship and two dragons. They loaded everything into the ships, their entire furniture. Also some cows were brought on the load ship. And naturally also some cats went on board, several on each ship. They did not furnish themselves on the ships, all them already on the high seas had been and were afraid the water. They had to wait some more, until the wind stood favorably, because the ships were to row fully loaded and only very with difficulty and steer. Finite was it so far. For a long time before midsummers they sailed away.
The sea lay calmly, only the wind lay somewhat unfavorably, so that they had row at the beginning the travel something. For a little while fog arose again and again, but they could hold the course. After days the coast came into view, it was Markland. They sailed further, Vinland against to direction the south. The cats were completely excited, except BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari and Geyfa, which had been already there. Finally they could land and as before many moons went to Leif with BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari as the first of board. It Tyrkir and Thorvald, Leif's brother followed. Gradually all rose from the ships and looked around. Also the cats and all other animals brought them from board. Except for BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari and Geyfa all this was new for the cats. They had not ever seen such a country. Greenland was meager, but there were grass and trees, birds here was in air and everywhere rustled and moved somewhat. For a start there also humans stood and looked around. Many had also come to Vinland, whole families. The houses of Leifsbouir would have to repair it, because the winter had rather added to them. Still some sod houses built it and a small meeting hall, them called it Thinghouse. Each house was referred by a family and in many lived cats. There were pastures for the cows enough and the life was no longer hard as as in Greenland. The cats explored the area and marked its districts.
テ]テヲgja had its district close at the forest, because there was plentifully booty there.
To the houses it was not far and if he wanted to rest, he could often search for himself a place in the grass or between the trees, what he and acted extensively. So also during that day. He had selected to himself a place beside bushes when he heard a noise which he could not arrange. There something was between the trees. テ]テヲgja could not exactly recognize it only. It moved carefully. Then he recognized that it was a person. Strangely he was dressed, differently than the Vikings. And he crept by the undergrowth as if he does not want to be discovered. This was strange already, except Vikings she had seen in Vinland never other people. The person was dressed with fur and leather, but not like the clothes of the Vikings.
テ]テヲgja observed the person for a while and him did not discover the tomcat. Then the person crept again backward in the wood back and テ]テヲgja did not want to follow him, he wanted to rest rather a little bit. During the next days nothing occurred special and テ]テヲgja the thing had already forgotten. Suddenly there was a shouting and the men gathered and stared in the direction of the wood. Four were it which stood there and they just looked, like him whom テ]テヲgja had seen some days ago in the wood.
The men stood everything together, the hands in the sword clutches. Leif went towards to the fours. These had spears, but they were lowered to the ground. Silently the strangers and Leif were confronted. After a while Leif started to laugh and short time ago the strangers occurred. Leif indicated at the strangers and said only: ' Skrテヲlingar!' Then he laughed again. テ]テヲgja knew the word, he had often heard it if Vikings got together in quarrel. These signified 'Nastily' or also 'weakling' and were heavy insults among Vikings. However, the strangers did not understand it obviously and further laughed. Then they talked into foreign language with Leif. Nobody understood what they said, however, they did not seem to be minded hostilely. In the next time the strangers who were called by the Vikings just Skrテヲlingar visited once again Leifsbouir. And slowly the Vikings understood somewhat from her language. Hence, it came that a small barter came about, mostly fur against the metal which the Skrテヲlingar did not know. Thus they had settled down and the life went a peaceful way. Now not only men lived in the settlement, but some families. And with many cats lived.

mike1024 02-23-2014 06:20 AM

The journey of gentle giants - chapter two 窶 Snorri part 2
The journey of gentle giants - chapter two 窶 Snorri part 2

There was prey enough, however, the hunt was not always successful which the cats knew only few animals which there were in Greenland, however, here was different and a lot what they considered than prey, could become very quickly quite dangerous. They could fight if it had to be, however only if there was no other way out. However, if there a fight was they were courageous, strong and quick. They had everything what they needed and were very peaceful most time. The people liked them and they liked the people. Although they were dreaded hunters under the animals with the time, nevertheless, they were very fond of to the people and peaceful. Hence, they were also called ' the gentle giants '. The days became shorter and shorter, however, there were no ' endless nights ' more.
Now and then appeared some Skrテヲlingar and the Vikings things exchanged with them. BlテI LOVE CATS!テーfari remained with Leif, Geyfa had lodged with a family, with テ柞rfinnur Karlsefni and his wife GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur テ柞rbjarnardテウttir. The winter passed and the summer noted Geyfa a change ran peacefully, however, in the middle of the next winter with GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur. Only she did not know how to arrange it so surely, however, then she could smell it. GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur was pregnant. The winter passed and GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur got a rounder and rounder belly. Geyfa had often enough seen that with the people and, so, was not surprised. She did furthermore her district ways and did not look further after it. The summer came and she longed for a tomcat. Many were not available, however, Hugljテコfur was the dearest to her.
The things took her run and at the end of the summer when the days became already shorter, she bore three little cats, a little tomcat and two kittens. It was not considered by the family in the time very much, because GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur stood also shortly before the delivery. Then four days later it was so far. GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur bore a son. She called him Snorri. Few children in the settlement were born everything on Greenland and thus was Snorri テ榲ウrfinnsson the first child who was born in this land.
Like most cats Geyfa could also not put up with newborn people, because her shouting sounded terrible in cat's ears. Only if the little Snorri slept, it dared even in his little bed from dry grass and lay down beside him. GuテーrテI LOVE CATS!テーur tolerated this. Geyfa's children became fast bigger and caught in roam. However, the winter came and with him the cold. One day one of the kittens returned no more from his raid. Nobody knew what had happened and thus Geyfa remained only a kitten and the little tomcat. In the next spring Snorri could already run and he very often played with the cats. The little tomcat which he called later when he could speak, Aldavinur often accompanied him and they played together. Snorri became bigger and often had to help in the cows, however, Aldavinur was mostly with him.
In the next spring Snorri could already run and he very often played with the cats. The little tomcat which he called later when he could speak, Aldavinur often accompanied him and they played together. Snorri became bigger and often had to help in the cows, however, Aldavinur was mostly with him. His father, テ柞rfinnur Karlsefni, informed him more and more often in the fight art and the sword guidance, however, Aldavinur did not understand for what this should be good. Thus Snorri grew up and with him Aldavinur. Now Geyfa had also become old and when Snorri had become 9 years old, it died. Snorri buried them under a big tree in the wood. He has never forgotten them, because she had given him Aldavinur.
Now Geyfa had also become old and when Snorri had become 9 years old, it died. Snorri buried them under a big tree in the wood. He has never forgotten them, because she had given him Aldavinur.
In the next spring Snorri could already run and he very often played with the cats. The little tomcat which he called later when he could speak, Aldavinur often accompanied him and they played together. Snorri became bigger and often had to help in the cows, however, Aldavinur was mostly with him. His father, テ柞rfinnur Karlsefni, informed him more and more often in the fight art and the sword guidance, however, Aldavinur did not understand for what this should be good. Thus Snorri grew up and with him Aldavinur. Now Geyfa had also become old and when Snorri had become 9 years old, it died. Snorri buried them under a big tree in the wood. He has never forgotten them, because she had given him Aldavinur.
The summers and winters came and went. Over and over again ships from Greenland landed, brought useful things and drove off again, load with freight from Vinland. There were some settlements and in all cats lived. There was except Leifsbouir still Hop in the south and Straumfjord in the north. However, the Vikings and also the cats of the settlements often did not meet, they were easy too a few.
Now Snorri also had to go on the hunt like all Vikings and Aldavinur accompanied him often. Then the men laughed and called him a dog cat. However, Snorri and Aldavinur disturbed that a little. One day they were on the deerstalking when they heard strange splashing. Aldavinur, curiously like all cats, crept carefully closer.
There was a brook and the play that there was just given, amazed him, nevertheless, very much. Strange animals were there in the water. Fish were not this, they had a dark fur, were big possibly twice as the tomcat and had a sharp running up tail. They splashed high-spirited in the water and played with something glittering. Now the tomcat could recognize that the glittering thing was a fish. Only he had ducked in the undergrowth, however, now he looked quite openly to the high-spirited pack. Now it had also discovered him and interrupted her play. Now one got closer carefully from the water and him. He had never probably seen a cat and showed no fear. The stranger started to sniff and Aldavinur something stepped back. However, the strange water animal turned round, ran a few steps to the brook and then looked again in the direction of the tomcat, thus as if it wants to ask him to join in.
Slowly and carefully the tomcat got closer. The animals caught again in the water to romp around and Aldavinur looked to them of the shore to. Although he did not avoid the water, how all Viking's cats, and also sometimes played with it, he might follow the strange Fish-Land-wath-ever-Animals not in the brook. Meanwhile Snorri had missed the tomcat and had likewise arrived in the brook. There he sat down in some distance also a stone and watched the activity for a while. Only when he got up again and was not quite quiet, besides, the water inhabitants startled and disappeared. Now Aldavinur had also discovered Snorri and jumped with some sentences to him. Snorri laughed when the tomcat was with him. ' Well, my old friend, you have found new friends? However, pay attention, otters can well bite. '
Otters called these animals. Aldavinur rubbed itself against Snorri and purred. From the day to visited Aldavinur over and over again the otters and sometimes he played with them, because they were really an amusing crowd and accepted him as if he is one theirs. However, now it went first of all home. Snorri take the hunting prey, some wild chickens and them marched off. They could already hear from wide one the excitement which ruled in Leifsbouir. Really good hunting prey had done some men. A gigantic animal with antlers on which an amount of cats could have sat down. The meat would reach for a lot of days. The tracks of these gigantic animals which the people elks called had often enough seen the cats, however, had never seen one.

mike1024 02-23-2014 06:22 AM

The journey of gentle giants - chapter two 窶 Snorri part 3
The journey of gentle giants - chapter two 窶 Snorri part 3

One day Snorri was again on the hunt and Aldavinur accompanied him. For a while they did rest with the otters with which the tomcat had become, in the meantime, well a friend, then they further walked along brook. Almost half a day they had run when they heard loud crashing. Immediately Snorri ducked in the undergrowth and also the tomcat squeezed quite level to the ground. Then was a kind drag and a rasp to hear. A rhyme on it neither Snorri nor the tomcat could come along. Slowly Snorri crept in the direction from which the noise came and after some hesitation Aldavinur followed him carefully and with sharpened ears. The first one what the tomcat saw, was a small fallen tree. The tree was neither old nor rotten, why had he fallen down? There it rustled in the branches and furry a little bit appeared.
The animal was much bigger than an Aldavinur, and had long and strong incisors. His tail was most remarkable. He was quite bald and worked as flattened. Now the flat tail gnawed at a branch and had separated him after a short time from the trunk. He dragged the separated branch to the brook where already some other branches lay in the water which had thereby already risen a little bit. Snorri behaved Aldavinur towards meanwhile in such a way, as if he was a person. Therefore, he whispered to him: ' Show Aldavinur, this is a beaver. He builds just a dam. ' The tomcat looked to the beaver which was about already to pull the next branch in water. For a while they still observed the beaver, then they opened again. They had done hunting prey still none and the day was progressed quite far.
However, in the afternoon shot Snorri two big birds. The Vikings called them turkeys. Then they came along on the way back and arrived at Leifsbouir when it was already dark. Aldavinur did one more walk in his district. Suddenly a light and unmistakeable smell rose in his nose. There was a cat and they was in heat! If this was in such a way, he would go in the next time no more with Snorri, but stay here and look after the cat. To his sorry being he knew that the other tomcats just saw. Thus he would show the other who had here the legends. Then it was for some time with the gentleness of the giants. The following nights were quite loud, because each of the tomcats tried to assert itself.
Who asserted itself, in the end could be never cleared, maybe these were also several tomcats. Dirfska six kittens got two moons later, but only four survived the first days. Thus the years moved along to themselves and also Aldavinur died, in the end. He had reached high old from sixteen years. Snorri buried him beside his mother Geyfa in the wood under the same tree. And very often he visited the grave, because Aldavinur had become to him a very good friend. After some time he took Engilbjテカrt to himself, one of the kittens from Dirfska's throw. Engilbjテカrt remained most time in her district and accompanied Snorri rare.
To Engilbjテカrt came in the course of the years Gテウテーrテ。テー and then the tomcat Farmテウテーur which managed to grab a gigantic district and also sometimes went with Snorri on the hunt. Leifsbouir was sometimes visited by the Skrテヲlingar, however although they lived now already many years in Vinland, the Vikings had been only very much few times with the Skrテヲlingar, because they often moved with her whole having and Well at another place. For this Midsummernight they wanted to do a big party and also some of the Skrテヲlingar had been already invited for a long time to it. Indeed, the party was quite let out, however, the cats did not like the noise and, hence, wandered rather by her districts.
Farmテウテーur had remained at the beginning still with Snorri, because he still waited for the bowl of fresh milk which he got regularly. Some of the Skr テヲ lingar were there already and observe the whole one surprised. Since thus a white liquid they did not know. Thorvald, Leif's brother also gave bowls with milk to the Skrテヲlingar, however only when Thorvald also drank a mug of it, the Skrテヲlingar the new drink tried. And in such a way as it looked, it tasted to them. The party took his progress and Farmテウテーur slipped away. He had to control his district and put fresh marks.
It already dawned as him to the settlement returned. Still in the wood he perceived a bad smell. Between the trees were thin-liquid excrements and itself smelled of person. The tomcat did not look further after it, but ran to Snorri's Grass ode house and searched a corner to the repose for itself. The Skrテヲlingar were already away and the Vikings still slept. Only in the afternoon they came from her houses and began to clear up the rests of the party. The next days were quiet and nothing happened the special.
Some days later was Farmテウテーur, how most cats on his night raid. Only at the break of dawn he came back when he heard a dreadful shouting already from wide one and it came from the settlement. Only he crept carefully closer, then he ducked in the grass. What he saw, horrified him. There were Skrテヲlingar, very much, a lot of Skrテヲlingar and they fought with the Vikings. These had the better weapons, however, the attackers were easy in the majority. There had been among the Vikings already four dead people. Farmテウテーur did not understand what proceeded there. He ducked more deeply in the grass and only when an arrow bored close beside him into the grass, he fled in the wood. The whole day and the next night he remained in a hiding place.
Then he had hunger. He would go only on the hunt before he returned to the settlement and what looked, actually had happened. Thus it came that he came only in the evening of the next day to Leifsbouir. However, Snorri was not there. He examined the other houses. However, nobody was there. Also the cows were away. Some of the cats had fled in the tumult also in the wood and came back again. Everything was helpless they. They found another two cats which had hidden in the houses. And thus they found out that the Vikings had still loaded at night everything onto the ships. The ships! Farmテウテーur ran to the beach.
The beach was empty where were the ships? None more was there, the ships were away! Maybe the cats would have been taken by the Vikings if they had not hidden in the wood or somewhere else. However, it anyway was thus and Farmテウテーur knew, now they were put on themselves. They had come everything with pleasure with to Vinland and they would remain. Maybe the Vikings would come again. Farmテウテーur and the other cats would fight for it, they would remain and they would wait.

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