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mike1024 02-23-2014 12:25 PM

The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless
The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless part 1

Farmóður did not know what he should do the dragons were away. And not only they, but also the load ships. Everything was away, nobody was there more. The cats examined all houses thoroughly, however, they found nobody, everything was left. In the end, they remained in the houses in which they had lived before. However, they were empty up to the cats and this depressed them immensely. Nevertheless, after some days people came again to the settlement, nevertheless, this were Skrælingar, and the cats did not dare in her nearness, too freshly was still that what had happened. The Skrælingar searched all houses and also the Thinghouse and they were obviously excited and furious.
Who was of the cats still in the houses, fled. However, they were not pursued by the Skrælingar, yes, it seemed even, as if this one certain respect or maybe even fear of them had. However, back in the settlement nobody dared, nevertheless. Thus they decided to search for themselves in the wood new districts. The wood was gigantic, there was enough prey and fresh water. Hiding places can be also found fast. Thus they prepared in the wilderness.
Some time this also ran very well. Farmóður knew where the otters lived and that was to be got by with them well. In short time he learned the fishing and although he did not swim like the otters in the water or dived, he was quite successful in the fishing. The other cats had her districts in the wood and two of it were pregnant. However, overnight there came the winter. The brook had frozen over and the otters had moved back into her protected lodgings. The winter were very hard, however, there her forefathers from cold Norway, from Iceland and from Greenland came, managed them somewhat with it. Many of the newborn children did not survive the first days, hence, her number remained low. Since there was prey enough in these woods, but also the enemies whom they did not know. It was dangerous and only strongest and biggest survived. The woods were gigantic and one could walk from full moon to full moon in it without seeing something else than trees.
And because no more Vikings were there who gave them name, they gave to her childrens her own cat's names. When the spring began, they discovered two half-starved and emaciated cats. How turned out, they came of Straumfjord in the north and had been on the move the long way the whole winter. Also in Straumfjord the Skrælingar had attacked, only much more brutally than in Leifsbouir. There were no more houses, the Skrælingar had destroyed everything. Whether Vikings had escaped, both cats did not know, just as little whether other cats had survived. The both joined to those from Leifsbouir. The spring came, melted the ice and also the small brown rodents and other prey appeared again. Then there came the summer.
Now the surviving newborn children were big enough to search own district around themselves. For it there was place in the woods enough. Some decided to walk after the south and to find Hop. Maybe there were there still Vikings. Farmóður went with them. The cats did not walk together to Hop, because this is not in her own way. Also they did not know the way, only about that Hop lay in the south. Some had been already there, but with the Vikings on her dragon's boats, they did not know the country road. In summer they penetrated far back in the south, however, then there came the autumn and they had to prepare for the winter.
The blizzards came, and prey became rare. Also fishing was no more possible, because the brooks had frozen over. However, biggest and strongest got now and again a snowy hare. However, they had to be very careful, because the snowy hares were also the favorite prey of the lynxes and in spite of her size nobody wanted to tangle with a lynx. Not everything survived the winter and when they met at the beginning of the spring in a meeting point, Farmóður saw that some were absent. However, four cats were in heat and thus there would soon be younger generation. Now and then they hit on families of the otters with which they made friends. There were also some beaver dwellings, however, the beavers did not follow them and worked rather on her dams.
Farmóður often roamed with Snowrunner by the forest. Snowrunner was one of the younger tomcats, it was born, than the Vikings already away were. One day was Snowrunner alone on the way. In the proximity of a brook he had discovered birds, which looked carelessly on the forest floor for fodder. Ducked it awaited. It had to await the correct moment, otherwise the pinnated ones would be fast again in air. But in addition it did not come. A rustle and scratching was suddenly to be heard and the bird people took immediately flight. Then Snowrunner saw, what had caused the noises. The animal looked strange. Around the eyes dark rings were drawn in the skin and it had a long lip. It looked somehow with its bushy tail like a small bear.
The foreigner observed it attentively, but it did not take a hostile attitude. It sniffed and always approached thereby Snowrunner. The bump now and bristled the tail. It began to hiss. The muzzle and a row opened pointedly teeth for the foreigner became visible. It hissed back. Snowrunner stretched its muscles and adjusted themselves to a fight. But the hiss went still another one while in such a way. Also the strange bear had gone into attack position, but it did not attack. Thus they faced each other some time, until the bear had enough and laterally ran away. This meeting had mildly gone out. The tomcat did not know, how a fight would have gone out, because it had seen the long claws at the front paws of the bear and he did not know anything about these strange animals. In the following time snow runner saw again and again these strange small bears on their night excursions.
And once it observed somewhat strange. One of these bears had found somewhat edible near a brook. There Snowrunner from a safe hiding place looked out, as the small bear with its booty pattered to the brook and into the water dipped it there. It was irritated. He knew from narrations also sometimes that humans made, it called 'washes', but it would never occur to him to dip their booty into the water. For what should be also good? Anyhow the consumed 'raccoon' afterwards its booty with obvious benefit. But since they were not dangerous, if one let it in peace and for them their booty did not make contentious, went the cats to the raccoons simply out of the way or ignored them.
Some summers and winter had passed, when they reached finally Hop. But of the settlement any longer much was not remaining, only the foundation walls of the houses was still visible, everything else had disintegrated. They found some charred bars, therefore it must have burned here. Vikings or other humans were not to be seen. And they found two cat skeletons under the bars. Some days later had arrived all cats at Hop. They met under a tree in the close forest. Now there is no leader under the cats, but Farmóður was something like the guide, he was the most courageous and most experienced of all. Best it would be if, it provisionally districts would look for each other here, otherwise it could be that they would die separately gradually.

mike1024 02-23-2014 12:27 PM

The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless part 2
The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless part 2

Thus the cats lived for a while in close proximity to Hop. And they discovered markings of other cats. When they found these final, it turned out that cats from Hop were, which had survived in the forests. Thus they experienced the fact that an assault of the Skrælingar had taken place also here and that would have burnt all this down. Very much, a great many Skrælingar were, so that the Vikings could escape just on their dragons. Whether it had given dead under the Vikings, did not know the cats. They furnished themselves in the forests south of Hope.
Also Blackear had found and controlled an acceptable district it several times on the day. She had found a good resting place behind bushes under a over-hanging rock. During the day it rested there out and as it turned out, was also safe the place. But it went in the evening on the hunt. She knew, where the stub tail rodents were to be found and looked forward already to the play with them, before she could to bite. Thus Blackear touched thus by its district, when it heard a rustling. It crept curiously against rustling. A strange animal was that, as largely as Blackear, black, with an enormous bushy tail and a white strip on the back. It ignored black ear completely. Those had pressed itself into the forest floor and made themselves as flat as possible. The strange animal sniffed eagerly this way and there and always approached thereby Blackear.
It was nearly on a cat length near, when it became too much Blackear. She rose, bump and hissed. The animal stood still. But instead of to attack or flee it only turned and main header the tail. Blackear stood still, bump and with bristled tail. It did not hiss no more, it was rather astonished. Suddenly a jet supplied liquid from the posteriors of the animal on it and met it. Things stank dreadfully! Nothing like away, only away of the stink! Blackear ran and ran, but the stink remained sticking to it. Finally it fell simply exhausted over and fell asleep. As it awaked was it bright day.
It had fallen asleep in the middle on a clearing without covering. But nobody had attacked it. Still there the terrible stink was and enemies had probably driven out. Now it had very easy hunger. But the hunt ran differently than otherwise. It was smelled already from a distance and all worthwhile booty fled, before she came only into the proximity. Those following time was very bad. For some days Blackear had gotten nothing reasonable more between the teeth. Only it had carried off some larger insects, but are sufficient not. Still this terrible stink stuck to it and everything which it hunt could fled, if it were already from a distance smelled.
With terribly growling stomach it dragged itself by the undergrowth, which ended suddenly. Before it lay a grass surface, which dropped gently to a flat river. Somewhat stranger had never seen it. Because in the midst of the river several large animals stood. They reminded of the polar bears from Greenland in the old narrations, only they were smaller and brown or black. They were located in the water and sometimes splash a paw in the water and a large fish flew on rock or to the bank. The bears snatched themselves then the fish and ate it. In the grass ducked and from hunger troubled Blackear crept slowly more near. Some the bears lifted the head, looked in their direction and suspected. Blackear got ready to flee immediately should that be necessary. More and more bears suspected in their direction.
It made itself completely flat in the grass, but then somewhat unexpected happened. The bears suspected now all in their direction, then they fled. Had she the stink driven out, which stuck still to it? Anyhow were because of the bank still some the fish, which had left the bears. Hungry, how she was, it ran to the fish. Finally it could satisfy their hunger. One while remained it at the river. She saw from a distance the bears again and again, but they did not approach at the beginning. Only completely gradually the stink lost itself and there approached the bears also again in the next days. Blackear decided therefore to leave the area.
Aimlessly it touched by the forest in the search for a promising district. Spring was there and it became much warmer. It smelled a familiar marking sometime. That was of Farmóður, he had been here. Blackear had to find and of the skunks warn it. Because although those attacked not directly and seemed to be also otherwise peaceful, then nevertheless their stinking liquid was lethal. Not directly, naturally, but the stink made each hunt offering no prospects, it nevertheless even the bears at the river had sold. When she found Farmóður finite, remained on due distance. A small little of the stink stuck probably still to it. But it could report their experience. Farmóður would pass it on to all cats, which he met.
Some days later the stink completely had passed and remained Blackear one while with Farmóður. It bore two full moons later four kittens, whose father was Farmóður. The summers and winter came and went and slowly scattered themselves the cats over a large area. Farmóður was for a long time dead. It had become 18 years old and that was very, much great age for a cat in the wilderness. And it had become the legend, it the latter had been nevertheless, which still with the Vikings had lived. Therefore the cats held its memory in honours. In addition it descended from Geyfa and those with Leif Erikson ' s of first trip had also on board been. If they met, which happened rarely enough, they told themselves old stories. Much gave to say it, of its experiences in the forest, meetings with the Skrælingar, and of new booty they had discovered.
But also stories of the Vikings from the time, when they had come to Vinland. And in such a way Leif Erikson and the Vikings never came into oblivion with the cats. But humans like the Vikings did not meet it. They could survive in the wilderness, but they would be so gladly with humans.
To the forest people they did not want to go, to everything which had passed. In addition those remained never for a long time to same place, but pulled with their entire have and property by the country and that wanted them not, that were not their art. also seemed it that the Skrælingar for any reason had a certain fear of the cats. These knew not why and rather went from there to the forest people out of the way. And if they met one the Skrælingar, then they remained always unseen. Thus it came the fact that the Skrælingar forgot it with the time and knew nothing more from them. If however humans were here like the Vikings, then they would go to them and would remain.

mike1024 02-23-2014 12:30 PM

The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless part 3
The journey of gentle giants - chapter three- Homeless part 3

The winters were very, very hard. It was bitterly coldly and often whipped dreadful snowstorms over the country. Booty gave it in this weather hardly still and many starved or froze to death. But it occurred again and again that one became larger from a throw and a still closer skin had. And these cats survived the rough climate. Not all, but a great many of these cats descended from Farmóður. There were to Longleg, Sharptooth, Greyeye, Roughfur and still many more. Ever further more south they had their districts. Also Sharptooth had found, still a good district before break-down of the winter. Many booty and good hiding places gave it there. Now it was on stalk and it was pregnant. Only some days still, it as soon as possible a throw hiding place would have itself to look for. The hunt was not very successfully, only in the dawn it a young snow hare had gotten. But then a snowstorm came. He came from scratch and he came violently. Sharptooth froze miserably, despite the close skin. The wind drove the snow between the trees through, tousle their skin and nearly not possibly made a view. It arrived finally to a cliff in their protection it against the snow and the wind forward fought itself. There a small cave, or a hole at the cliff was better. Sharptooth crept in, that piercing cold wind forced it to look for this protection. The hiding place was not large, but it had to be sufficient. The shrubs had naturally no leaves, but they gave still a certain visual cover, so that the entrance was not immediately visible. For days the snowstorm and Sharptooth did not rave could outside. It felt that she would bear soon. Some days later was it so far. It bore five kittens in this provisional hiding place in the midst of the snowstorm. One of it was a death birth, but nature and the wilderness gave to it no consideration. It warmed the remaining four, by putting its bushy tail around her, after she had bitten through the navel cord and had licked the young kittens drying. The four began immediately to drink with it. Some time bore it in the cave, but it would have to make soon again booty. The children needed their milk and if them did not get anything between the teeth, it would be out with the milk and their kittens would starve. The snow piled up itself meanwhile before the small cave and offered thus protection from strange view and the wind. Finally the storm diminished. It could look again for outside and for booty. This time it was a half frozen bird, but that had to be sufficient.
In the following time it did not go often on the hunt, because she had to remain with her kitten and warm her. This time was cruel, but it created it, all disgustingness to the defiance to bring all their children by the winter. When finally spring came, the four were to be left largely enough over with it first time the hiding place.
Completely again and differently was it there. It was appropriate still for much snow, but between them free surfaces on those the first flowers with yellow and white blooms greedily the sun were held out to. The young kittens play in a lively manner in the snow and in the blooms, sniffed this way and there. Sharptooth always remained in the proximity and observed the environment attentively. Nothing dangerous was between the trees, therefore they were safe on clearing. Suddenly their fine ears heard a noise. It came from air. Before it to react could fell a large robbery bird from the height and reached for one of her kitten. It was the black little tomcat. It wriggled and cried after his mother. Sharptooth ran on the robbery bird too, it in any case its children would defend.
But before it reached it, was already with the little tomcat in the catches again in air. One while heard sharp tooth still the cries of the little tomcat, then it became quiet. Time remained now none more, it had with the three the remaining protecting forest to reach. That could be done and the robbery bird did not come back. Thus it drew her remaining up cildren and before the next winter came, they were large enough, in order to look for each other their own district. Ever to the south the cats continued to hike, but they did not become numerous. The winters and many were too hard died. There were enemies everywhere and one had to be very careful. Only the largest and strongest survived. They learned to be quiet also with their voices and them passing on this to their descendants. The skin between their toes had become more closely and helped them with the hunt in the winter. Because the snow was and the skin bundles prevented that they sank too deeply therein. They were not afraid the water and often played them thereby. That helped them to cross also brooks and even rivers if they were in the search for a new district.
Innumerable summers and winter came and went and still lived the cat people in the forests. Unseen ones of most, went them on their night forays. Only the otters, with which they held still friendship, knew it where to be found were. And still they waited for the return of the Vikings.
But then, one day, they found the fox.

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