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Conversation Between katlady and KatrineA
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  1. katlady
    10-05-2009 - permalink
    The cats are doing well. Caught another deck kitty--Beck--is the sweetest little boy according to my friend that adopted him. He purrs constantly like his sister, Callie. They weren't feral at all. Beck did bite me at first(serious infection followed and poor Beck was under "house arrest" for 10 days to check out for rabies)but he "sent" a card apoligizing for the incident.
  2. KatrineA
    09-29-2009 - permalink
    Hey, how are you and your gorgeous cats?
  3. katlady
    09-06-2009 - permalink
    Greetings from Florida. Well, my Callie has fit in perfectly into the family. She is far from feral. She purrs constantly while awake and loves to cuddle. The rest of the deck kitties disappeared for a week but they are now back. We plan to catch them and release them or see if they can be placed in homes. I'm not sure about momma, tho.
  4. KatrineA
    08-08-2009 - permalink
    Thank you. ALL of your cats are gorgeous. You have one of the most beautiful "collections", I've ever seen
  5. katlady
    08-07-2009 - permalink
    Anastasia is gorgeous!!! But you already knew that!!!

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