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  1. medialux
    07-10-2016 - permalink
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  2. Starcat67
    11-27-2008 - permalink
    Sea Cat
    A thousand miles from home, Captain with crew prepared for departure to the sea. Benjamin Marcus Johnathan, the tom-cat from the west of the town, had ordered himself to set sail with Captain Edward Nottingham and his mighty crew on the Louisiana. Everyone in the town called the tom-cat 'Fish' because as much as Benjamin Marcus Johnathan loved the open sea life, he also adored fish.
    The great expedition would start where they were in Wales and move west into the Irish sea. AT that time Ireland produced the finest fish with the most skilled fish mongers in all of Europe. This would be Fish's dream land.
    Jack was the least bit worried either. Jack was Fish's best friend and Jack thought so too. Jack was strong and wore old boots, tatted trousers and a stained striped shirt. His hair was short but thick in a golden brown colour. His eyes were bright sea blue and he loved the ocean too. Jack had a wife, Mary, and a daughter, Abigale. Fish would often stop at Jack's house for some cream or a nice, fresh piece of his favorite fish, sea bass.
  3. Starcat67
    11-27-2008 - permalink
    If you ever wanna have a general chat with me I'm usually on the Forum 'Kitty Room' were I have a thread call 'The Kitty Room: Cat Chat with me' so check me out there!
  4. Starcat67
    11-26-2008 - permalink
    I have one black and white cat called Maxxi. Maxxi is small and her breed is an American short hair. You can see her picture in the gallery! I also had a white cat called Snowy but he passed away along time ago - you can see his picture in the gallery too.
  5. Starcat67
    11-23-2008 - permalink
    I have one cat called Maxi! I'm hoping to post a picture of her soon so hang on for that!

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    I have a black and white cat called Maxxi! (See her in the gallery!)!
    Jersey - Channel Islands
    I love to read and write stories. (See my story Sea Cat in Visitor Messages!)!
    I am only 11 years old. I can't get a job yet!
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    Maxxi, my cat for life!
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    Dance when no-one's watching, sing when no-one's listening and party all the time!


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