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Unread 03-07-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Consumerist attacks Complaintremover with Lolcats


This has to be one of the funniest things on the Internet today. A reporter from the made a Prank chat to the people at and what they got was posted on an article

here Free Speech: Complaint Remover Gets Rid Of "Negative Links," Including LOLCats

Then Fark picks it up here (3448703) No more Caturdays, no more lolcats, you can't haz cheeseburger. New service pushes lolcats off the internets

Digg picks it up here Digg - Complaint Remover Gets Rid Of "Negative Links," LOLCats

Then everyone gets into the act and starts flooding Embedded Chat,Live Chat Software, Website Live Help Chat Program, Customer Service Software, Online Chat (which has video so you can see the frustrated operators) with Tons of Fake and extremely funny chats apparently answered by girls from Russia. You have got to read some of these chats they are hilarious! more posted on the other sites above.

this is a chat to and answered by

CLIENT: My name is Adolf
CLIENT: Hello?
Marion: Hi Adolf
CLIENT: I've been having issues with the sites
CLIENT: such as Adolf Hitler
CLIENT: apparently there's some guy killing jews
CLIENT: and I don't kill jews
Marion: I understand.
CLIENT: How can I get rid of these sites
Marion: We can remove information if you did
CLIENT: there seem to be thousands of them
CLIENT: If I did what?
CLIENT: I didn't kill jews
Marion: If you did that we can remove it
CLIENT: But I didn't kill jews do you not understand?
CLIENT: I'm tired of being called Hier Hitler, my last name is Hitler
CLIENT: I'm tired of being harassed
Marion: We do not judge people
CLIENT: I don't kill jews
CLIENT: Why are you doing this?
Marion: ok would you like a manager to call about this
CLIENT: Normally yes
CLIENT: but you think I kill jews
CLIENT: I don't kill jews
CLIENT: I'm just Adolf
Marion: I am sorry
CLIENT: I just don't like people smearing my name
Marion: I can understand that Mr. Adolf
CLIENT: my name is Adolf Herra Hilter
CLIENT: I'm tired of this, please help me
Marion: ok please leave your contact
CLIENT: Are you Indian?
CLIENT: or White?
Marion: I am from krakovia. I am white
CLIENT: Glad to hear you're white
CLIENT: because Indian people are bad people
Marion: yes I understand that
CLIENT: Dirty filthy people
Marion: It has been said
CLIENT: Are you a jew?
Marion: No I am not
CLIENT: I don't talk to jews
Marion: I am Krakovian not Jew
CLIENT: I'm Irish, not Jew
Marion: I like Irish people
CLIENT: Yea? why?
Marion: I think they are funny red hair peoples
Marion: with many dots on the face
Marion: very nice
CLIENT: I don't have dots on my face
CLIENT: only indians do
Marion: I have seen the red hair peoples
Marion: and many dots
CLIENT: But I don't have dots, I'm an alcoholic
CLIENT: And my wife just left me
Marion: That is nice. I have never been there
CLIENT: she took my 7 kids with her
CLIENT: no, alcoholic isn't a place
Marion: ah a nice vacation
CLIENT: it's a disease where I drink alot of vodka
CLIENT: my wife left me and you think that's a nice vacation?
CLIENT: I'm so depressed
CLIENT: are you married
Marion: yes very nice
Marion: I would like to go there
CLIENT: Are you being mean to me?
Marion: No I am a nice girl
CLIENT: How old are you nice girl?
Marion: I am 18
CLIENT: Hells ya baby
CLIENT: too old for me though
CLIENT: I'm 43
Marion: I have a sister 16
CLIENT: that's much better
Marion: She is ready for marrage
CLIENT: I just read this article and apparently this hitler dude attacked poland
Marion: I do not kno this man Poland
CLIENT: Hilter attacked Poland
CLIENT: back to your sister
CLIENT: what does she look like
Marion: She is very nice. She look like me but younger
CLIENT: How tall are you
Marion: I am very tall
Marion: almost like a short man
CLIENT: That's disgusting
Marion: yes but without the thing you know
Marion: yes peanut
CLIENT: Mine is no peanut
Marion: it is missing?
Marion: I am sorry
CLIENT: I have a huge peanut
Marion: not missing?
CLIENT: very massive
Marion: religion?
CLIENT: Christian
CLIENT: you?
Marion: ok I do not understand
Marion: My mother is from India and my father is Isreal
CLIENT: So are you a jew?
CLIENT: Is your mother dirty?
Marion: one half of me is
CLIENT: Which half?
Marion: No she keeps a clean house
CLIENT: Who's your daddy?
Marion: ok my boss is here now not my daddy
CLIENT: Can I talk to your boss?
Marion: I must go now to wash with my sister
Marion: for dinner
Marion: It is late her now
CLIENT: that sounds hot
CLIENT: Do you have webcam
Marion: No the water is only warm
CLIENT: It sounds sexy
CLIENT: Make sexy time with sister?
Marion: No it is dinner time now
CLIENT: Oh sexy time later?
CLIENT: Don't you people eat dirt?
CLIENT: what time is it there?
Marion: Sometimes it is in the cabbage
Marion: it is 21 and 26
CLIENT: Do you have a myspace?
Marion: No it is very small here
CLIENT: do you have one of those
Marion: Sorry we do not own that.
CLIENT: oh okay
CLIENT: Do you own a car or a horse
Marion: we have yes
CLIENT: When I come to poland next year can I visit you?
Marion: I do not know this man
CLIENT: no Poland is your country
Marion: I am Krakovia
Marion: is my country
Marion: ok I must go now. good bye now. you are very nice
CLIENT: you are nicer
CLIENT: I'll talk to you later
Marion: please
Marion: bye
CLIENT: Alrite gitty gitty
Marion: Hook em horns, Thank you for visiting Embedded Chat,Live Chat Software, Website Live Help Chat Program, Customer Service Software, Online Chat
CLIENT: okay
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